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All Adopt Me Summer State Fair Stickers & Odds

We explain how you can get all the Summer State Fair 2024 stickers in Roblox Adopt Me.
All Adopt Me Summer State Fair Stickers & Odds
Uplift Games

Want to pick up all the Stickers from the Summer State Fair 2024 in Roblox Adopt Me? Then we've got you covered, avid pet collectors and designers!

In this no-nonsense guide, we'll explain how you can get many Summer State Fair Sticker packs in Adopt Me, the odds of pulling specific rarity Stickers, and more, so let's jump in.

How To Get Summer State Fair Sticker Pack in Adopt Me

Roblox adopt me sticker packs summer state fair 2024 odds price tickets
Spend your Tickets quickly and get more Summer State Fair 2024 Sticker packs before the event finishes up. (Picture: Uplift Games)

To get your hands on some Summer State Fair Sticker packs, launch the game via the Roblox platform, then use the tab for the event on your left-hand side to teleport to the event. Once there, you can head to the location as per the image above and purchase packs for 1,000 Tickets.

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We suggest doing the new Balloon Pop event, Speedy Stables, or Rodeo minigames to get more Tickets quickly. The Summer State Fair 2024 event ends on 12 July, so you don't have much time left! 

Adopt Me Summer State Fair Stickers & Odds

The player receives ten stickers once a Summer State Fair Sticker Pack is opened. There are 25 Stickers to collect, and not much time left to do it. Check out all the new Stickers in Roblox Adopt Me, alongside their rarity below.

Adopt Me Summer State Fair Sticker in 2024 Rarity
Arctic Tern Sticker Common
Flying Fish Sticker Common
Hermit Crab Sticker Common
Kid Goat Sticker Common
Leopard Shark Sticker Common
Show Pony Sticker Common
Castle Hermit Crab Sticker Uncommon
Lobster Sticker Uncommon
Many Mackerel Sticker Uncommon
Punk Pony Sticker Uncommon
Rodeo Bull Sticker Uncommon
Cow Calf Sticker Uncommon
Happy Clam Sticker Rare
Ice Cream Hermit Crab Sticker     Rare
Mini Pig Sticker Rare
Orange Betta Fish Sticker Rare
Pretty Pony Sticker Rare
Corn Doggo Sticker Ultra-Rare
Hot Doggo Sticker Ultra-Rare
Pink Betta Fish Sticker Ultra-Rare
Pirate Hermit Crab Sticker Ultra-Rare
Shark Puppy Sticker Ultra-Rare
Tortuga de la Isla Ultra-Rare
Balloon Unicorn Sticker Legendary
Blue Betta Fish Sticker Legendary
Leviathan Sticker Legendary
Majestic Pony Sticker Legendary

There's a 40% chance of getting a Common, a 25% chance of an Uncommon, a 17% chance for Rare, a 14% chance for Ultra-Rare, and only a 4% chance of getting a Legendary. Keep in mind that this is per Sticker pull and that you do get 10 Stickers from opening one Summer State Fair 2024 Sticker Pack. Good luck!

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