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How To Trade Bucks In Adopt Me!

Want to know how to trade Bucks in Adopt Me!? You're in the right place—find out everything about Silk Bags right here!
How To Trade Bucks In Adopt Me!
Roblox via YouTube / iamSanna

Want to know how to trade Bucks in Adopt Me!? Keep reading. For those who don't know, AMC can be earned by participating in daily activities, taking care of pets, and completing objectives, among other things. This incentivizes regular play and engagement.

It goes without saying that many players have been asking for a way to trade Bucks in Adopt Me! And now, finally, the developers have listened. In this guide, you'll learn everything about the new Silk Bags feature, which is used for trading Bucks in the game.

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How To Trade Bucks In Adopt Me!

To trade Bucks in Adopt Me! you need to purchase a Silk Bag. This is a new special item introduced with the Lunar New Year 2024 update—it costs 50 Bucks for the Silk Bag itself and then an additional 1,000 Bucks to fill it, making the total cost 1050 Bucks.

When You trade a Silk Bag, the recipient will receive 1,000 Bucks. As a result, 50 Bucks is lost in the transaction to the Adopt Me! developers. Trading the Silk Bag is no different than trading any other item in the game.

This new feature is especially useful for players who have accumulated a large number of Bucks and want to trade them for pets or other valuable items in Adopt Me! It also provides a more secure and official way to trade Bucks, reducing the risk of scams.

trading bucks in adopt me 2

For How Long Will Silk Bags Be Available In Adopt Me!?

Nobody knows. The Silk Bag is specifically created for the purpose of trading Bucks in Adopt Me! However, it might only be available for a limited time, specifically during the Lunar New Year 2024 event.

That said, it might be in your interest to purchase a bunch of these Silk Bags to make the most of the new feature while you still can. Of course, there's also the possibility that Adopt Me! makes Silk Bags a permanent feature. Until then, only time will tell how long trading Bucks will last.

And that's it! You know know everything about how to trade Bucks in Adopt Me! While you're here, you might want to check out our other guides, including where to find all the Launch Kite locations or how to get more Yakgwa in the Lunar New Year 2024 update.

All featured images are courtesy of YouTube / iamSanna.