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How To Get Yakgwa Fast In Adopt Me!

Want to know how to rack up a ton of Yakgwa in Adopt Me! Lunar New Year 2024 update? Say no more!
How To Get Yakgwa Fast In Adopt Me!

Need more Yakgwa in Adopt Me!? You're not alone. This new in-game currency is all the craze in the latest gameplay update. Why? It's simple—you'll need it to open regular or special Lunar New Year gift boxes, which are your golden ticket to unspoken rewards.

In particular, you can use your Yakgwa to earn the Legendary Rainbow Dragon and Dragonster Vehicle! Need I say more? I thought so. Here is the best method to get unlimited Yakgwa in the Adopt Me! Lunar New Year 2024 update.

What Is Yakgwa In Adopt Me!?

Before I begin, I figured you might like to know more about Yakgwa. In Adopt Me!, it serves as a form of in-game currency. You'll earn Yakgwa by participating in various themed activities and minigames, like the "Red Lantern, Green Lantern" minigame, and releasing kites.

This currency can then be exchanged for Lunar New Year Gift Boxes, which come in different rarities: Common and Legendary. However, did you know that Yakgwa is actually a traditional Korean sweet? Yep! It's usually enjoyed during celebrations and festive occasions.

adopt me gift boxes

How To Get More Yakgwa In Adopt Me! (Best Method)

The best way to earn a ton of Yakgwa in Adopt Me! is by participating in the new "Red Lantern, Green Lantern" minigame. By playing, you'll earn 3200 Yakgwa. All you need to do is try to collect bowls of Rice Cake Soup around the arena and not be noticed by the statues.

It's almost like playing Squid Games—stop moving when they’re looking, and send it when they turn around! If you're caught, you'll lose health. You'll need to take the bowls of Rice Cake Soup to the safe zone to earn the most amount of Yakgwa. Golden Bowls are worth extra points!

adopt me yakgwa

You can also release Kites around Adoption Island every in-game day to earn extra Yakgwa! Each kite released rewards you with 150 Yakgwa in Adopt Me! And the best part? We've got a guide that details all the Launch Kite locations, saving you the headache of finding all of them yourself!

And that's a wrap! I hope you found this guide useful. Remember, you can supercharge your earnings even further by using alt accounts to farm more Yakgwa. Do you have a better way to get Yakgwa in Adopt Me!? If so, shoot me a message on [email protected] and let me know!