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Anime Last Stand Daily Rewards, Reset Time & Streak

We explain the daily rewards system in Anime Last Stand, complete with a countdown timer to the bunch of free Gems or XP!
Anime Last Stand Daily Rewards, Reset Time & Streak
Anime Last Stand

Do you love claiming free Anime Last Stand (ALS) daily rewards in Roblox? Of course you do! The problem is that many gamers don't know when the daily reset for ALS occurs or what rewards they will get.

We are here to help out fans of the anime-powered tower defense title! Let's dive straight into the important details, leaving no cursed finger unfound...

Update on 1 March 2024: We've updated this article with the latest Anime Last Stand daily rewards and added a countdown clock until the next reset.

Anime Last Stand Daily Rewards & Streaks

Anime Last Stand ALS daily rewards gems exp free reset time streak new day
Get those free rewards in Anime Last Stand with ease! Just remember to log in teach day to build up a nice streak. (Picture: Wessel)

The image above says it all, really, but for the sake of complete transparency, we'll spell it out for all our Anime Last Stand fans. You can increasingly fantastic free rewards for each day you add to your streak, simply by logging into Anime Last Stand and clicking/tapping on the claim button.

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Below, you'll find a list of ALS daily rewards depending on where you are in your current streak:

  • Day 1: 50 Gems
  • Day 2: 75 Gems
  • Day 3: 100 Gems
  • Day 4: 50 EXP
  • Day 5: 125 Gems
  • Day 6: 150 Gems
  • Day 7: 100 EXP

If you miss a day, you will start on Day 1 with a 50 Gems reward once again.

Anime Last Stand Daily Reward Reset Time

Are you wondering when a day technically ends in Anime Last Stand so you can log in and get those new Daily Rewards, continuing your streak? Don't worry, we did too!

From my experience testing for three days, the Daily Reward reset time is 01:00 UTC each day. Below, you will find a countdown clock to the reset time of Anime Last Stand's daily rewards so you can get those Gems and XP as soon as possible!

ALS Daily Reset Time Countdown

Reset time may differ in your region!

Daily Rewards in ALS Not Showing Up? Fixed

When the daily reset time in Anime Last Stand occurs, and you don't automatically get the pop-up to claim your rewards, we suggest closing the game and Roblox, then starting it up again!

So there you have it, Anime Last Stand fans! Get those daily rewards to roll characters spending those shiny Gems (Emeralds) as you compete in this addictive Roblox tower defense title.