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How To Get Ulquiorra Soul in Anime Spirits

Harness the might of the fourth Espada with our detailed breakdown of the Ulquiorra Souls abilities and how to unlock it in Roblox's Anime Spirits.
How To Get Ulquiorra Soul in Anime Spirits

Souls are an extremely valuable form of weaponry that you can unlock in Roblox's Anime Spirits. While some Souls are better than others, it's always worth trying the new ones released into the game. The Ulquiorra Soul is one of the latest additions, and with its immense power and abilities, it's worth trying out.

If you're interested in giving the Ulquiorra Soul a try and want to learn more about its abilities and how to obtain it, keep reading. Below, we'll showcase all the abilities of the Ulquiorra Soul and explain how to unlock it in Anime Spirits.

How To Get The Ulquiorra Soul in Anime Spirits

Thankfully, obtaining the Ulquiorra Soul isn't very difficult, although it might cost you a bit if you're not lucky. To get the Ulquiorra Soul, you need to purchase it from the Soul Dealer, located on Dawn Island. However, it's a roll-based system rather than a direct purchase.

Anime Spirits Ulquiorra Soul How To Get
Once you purchase the Soul from the Soul vendor, you need to awaken its last two abilities at the Ulquiorra Trainer. (Picture: Roblox)

On average, it will cost around 25k to roll for one Soul, which can be pricey, but as you'll see, it's worth the investment. Once you have the Soul, you'll need to awaken it to access its final two abilities. To do this, you need to farm for 10 Reiatsu Spears from the Ulquiorra Dungeon in Katakuro Town.

After collecting all ten Reiatsu Spears, you can trade them with the Ulquiorra Awakener, also found on this island, to awaken the final two abilities of the Ulquiorra Soul. Once unlocked, you'll have access to the Soul's full set of abilities, which we'll cover in the next section.

Ulquiorra Soul Abilities in Anime Spirits

The Ulquiorra Soul grants you six powerful abilities to use in battle. Each ability comes with significant firepower, but keep in mind that they have cooldowns. Let's go over each ability provided by the Ulquiorra Soul:

Anime Spirits Ulquiorra Soul Abilities
Below are the six powerful moves that you can use when equipping the Ulquiorra Soul. (Picture: YouTube / MrOtay)
  • (E Move) Instant Cero: Fires a short but powerful green blast of Reiatsu at your enemy.
  • (Z Move) Cero Oscuras: Fires a larger black and green Cero at your enemies, lasting longer than the instant version.
  • (X Move) Overwhelming Reiatsu: Creates a wide AoE that rains down spiritual pressure from the sky in a radius around you, damaging anyone nearby.
  • (C Move) Vortex Luna: Summons a green and black vortex of Reiatsu that moves towards your enemy, dealing damage before dissipating.
  • (V Move) Beyond Resurrection: Transforms your character visually into Ulquiorra's second Resurrection form, Segunda Etapa.
  • (T Move) Lanza Del Relámpago: Creates a spear that, when thrown, causes a massive explosion and a sphere of explosive energy that radiates for a short time before dissipating.

And there you have it - a detailed breakdown of the abilities and how to unlock the Ulquiorra Soul in Anime Spirits. As always, be sure to check out our dedicated Roblox section for the latest Anime Spirits guides, codes, news, and more.