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Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Key Location

Looking for the Backrooms Key in Pet Simulator 99?? Say no more!
Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Key Location

Are you looking for the Backrooms Key location in Pet Simulator 99? You're not alone. It seems that this key has been expertly hidden within the confines of the glitched-out rooms. Accessible directly from Spawn, the Backrooms Event offers a ton of rewards, including nine new pets!

However, more important, is the Backrooms Key. Once found, this item will unlock a room containing 100x HUGE chance Egg, which, when hatched will give you the Huge Plague Dragon. Here's everything I know about the Backrooms Key location in Pet Simulator 99.

Disclaimer: The information in this guide is based on player reports on the official BIG Games Discord server. Since it's so early into the patch, it's hard to verify the authenticity of the claims.

Where To Find Backrooms Key In Pet Simulator 99?

backdoors event backdoors key location

The easiest way to get a Backrooms Key in Pet Simulator 99 is via the Backrooms Pack in the Exclusive Shop—it is FREE! Beyond this, the Backrooms Key can also be found as a random drop within the Backrooms Event by destroying the breakables.

The exact location is hard to pin down because the rooms are different for every player. This means that the only way to get it is by finding it yourself. And no, you CANNOT buy a Backrooms Key via the Trading Plaza — it is UNTRADEABLE!

The solution to finding the Backrooms Key in Pet Simulator 99 starts with a thorough exploration of the different rooms. Since the rooms are filled with unexpected elements and the layouts can change, every corner and hidden spot might hold the key.

Hello! I'm not sure if you're a new reader, but I write a SH*T ton of Roblox guides. I try my best to gather the most accurate information. So, do me a solid and check them out if you have some time! For example, I just finished a guide on how to find the Backrooms Password in Pet Simulator 99.

That's everything I know right now and I apologize that I couldn't be of any more help. I will endeavor to update this guide. Pet Simulator 99 Update 10 is relatively fresh, so it's only a matter of time before more specific information about the Backrooms Key location is revealed. Until then, happy gaming!