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Pet Simulator 99 Patch Notes (Update 7)

Uncover all the new content and features in the Pet Simulator 99 update by digging through the latest patch notes!
Pet Simulator 99 Patch Notes (Update 7)
BIG Games via Roblox

Want to know what's new? Well, your search ends here—find the latest Pet Simulator 99 patch notes in this guide! Whether it's new pets, eggs, quests, biomes, or limited-time events, there's no shortage of exciting content and features headed your way.

That said, it's time to clear your inventory and expand your collection of digital companions! With so much new stuff to dig through, there's no better time to nose-dive into all the fun. Here's everything new in the Pet Simulator 99 update patch notes!

Updated on 2 March 2024: The developers have not yet revealed when Pet Simulator 99 Update 7 will come out. 

Pet Simulator 99 Update: Countdown Timer

The next Pet Simulator 99 patch is UNCONFIRMED to come out on 9 March 2024. BIG Games has moved away from its fixed weekly schedule, but we'll still check for new updates every Saturday at 5 p.m. GMT (that's 9 a.m. PST or 12 p.m. EST if you're in the United States).

If you're unsure how long you must wait, you can refer to the countdown timer below, which ticks down to the next suspected release date. Otherwise, you can refer to our Pet Simulator 99 release date schedule, which will tell you when all future updates should come out.

The next Pet Simulator 99 update drops in

pet simulator 99

Latest Pet Simulator 99 Patch Notes

Here's everything you need to know about the latest update to Pet Simulator 99 on 9 March 2024:

  • TBD

Important: If this section has not been updated but the new Pet Simulator 99 update has gone live in-game, then it's possible you're viewing a cached version. Try hard-resetting the page (SHIFT + F5) to get the latest uncached version from the server.

Previous Pet Simulator 99 Update Patch Notes

Here are all the changes in the previous update to Pet Simulator 99:

Pet Simulator 99 Update 6 (24 February 2024)

Limited Time Event

  • Huge Happy Computer Event: Chance to hatch a "huge" pet from any World 2 egg, limited to 1 million hatches.

Rebirth 4 Features

  • New abilities (Ultimates) and permanent perks (Mastery).
  • Rocketship for travel to Tech World.
  • +300% Pet Damage, making pets 75% stronger permanently.
  • Various rewards for completing Rebirth 4.

New World: Tech World

  • Requires Rebirth 4 and Area 99.
  • Features a new shop, areas, and portals.

New Areas

  • 25 new TECH AREAS from Tech Town to Cyber Base Camp.
  • New machines, minigames, and rewards.

New Pets

  • 54 pets to hatch, including favorites like Cyber Agony, Hi-Tech Monkey, and Abyssal Kraken.
  • 20 new HUGE pets.

New Eggs

  • Introduction of 25 new eggs, from Circuit Egg to Flurry Egg.

New Boss Chest

  • Located in Cuboid Canyon, tough to break but drops substantial loot.

New Currency and Ranks

  • Tech Coins and the Tech Bar (equals 1 million Tech Coins).
  • Ranks 19 to 21, with new egg opens & pet equips.
  • Rank 20 unlocks the 5th Enchantment Slot.
  • New rank quests added.

New Upgrades

  • 4 player upgrades: Tap Damage, Luck, Drops, and Diamonds.

New Shiny Relics and Achievements

  • 15 additional relics to increase shiny chances.
  • Achievements related to Ultimates and Raid minigame.

New Free Rewards

  • Free items in new areas: Enchants, Potions, Diamonds.

New Clan Battle

  • 5th Clan Battle - Raid Battle till March 15th.
  • Various rewards for top clans, including medals and exclusive items.


  • 3 new active HUGE pets: Huge Elephant, Huge Koi Fish, Huge Bee.
  • Return of previous HUGE pets with varying rarity.

New Huge Machine Egg and Daycare Huge Pet

  • Blurred Dominus Huge Machine Egg with new HUGE pets.
  • Huge Meebo in a Spaceship as a new daycare reward.


  • Tier 9 Potions and new Tier 8 Enchantments.
  • Fruity Enchant and Mystery Ticket.
  • Charm Hammer & Chisel for pet charms.


  • 6 new Ultimates with 4 tiers each.
  • Mastery feature with 5 skills, max level 99.
  • Sprinklers for faster breakable respawn.
  • Various new machines including Supercomputer, Quest Machines, Item Creator, and more.

Minigames and Quality of Life Updates

  • New minigame chests and Hoverboard Minigame.
  • Raid Minigame and Diamond Wheel Minigame.
  • Inventory Categories, Celestial Rarity, and new exclusive items like booths and hoverboards.


  • Secret Rooms, Teleport Map, Trading Booth, and Trading Terminal updates.
  • Increased clan member capacity and diamond gem capacity.
  • Autotap hotkey and other convenience features.

Bug Fixes

  • Over 140 bug fixes including UI improvements and gameplay adjustments.
Pet Simulator 99 Update 5 (20 January 2024)
  • Rebirth 3 Features:

    • +225% Pet Damage permanently.
    • New item: Slingshot for shooting down balloons.
    • Unlockable Secret Rooms with Secret Keys.
    • Rewards for collecting new pets.
    • Feature to create and save pet teams.
    • Option to create and save enchant loadouts.
  • New Areas: 25 new areas, including Haunted Forest and Rainbow Road.

  • New Pets: 60 new pets available, including Cupcake, Angelus, and Vibrant Toucan.

  • New Eggs: Introduction of 25 new eggs, ranging from Eerie Egg to Rainbow Egg.

  • New Boss Chest: Addition of a Boss Chest in Heaven Gates, challenging but rewarding.

  • New Currency: Sapphire Coin and Bar as new forms of currency.

  • New Ranks: Addition of Ranks 15 to 18 with more benefits.

  • New Upgrades: Six new player upgrades in new areas.

  • New Shiny Relics: Introduction of 20 additional relics.

  • New Achievements: Achievements related to Balloons, Magic Machine, and Piñatas.

  • New Free Rewards: Free items, enchants, potions, diamonds in new areas.

  • New Clan Battle: 3rd Clan Battle focused on Pet Collecting.

  • Items:

    • Introduction of new charms and enchants.
    • New items like Huge Potion, Daycare Slot Voucher, and more.
  • New Flags: Shiny, Rainbow, and Strength Flags for temporary boosts.

  • New Fishing Rods and Shovels: Complete new sets of Fishing Rods and Shovels.

  • Bundles: Bundles containing random flags, toys, potions, and enchants.

  • Secret Rooms & Key: Secret Rooms unlockable with Rebirth 3 and a Secret Door Key.

  • Minigames:

    • Daily Minigame Surge with boosted loot.
    • Lucky Block, Advanced Fishing, and Advanced Digsite Minigames.
  • Events: Flying Balloons, Pinata, and Lucky Block Events.

  • Machines: Magic Machine for converting magic fuel into rewards.

  • Index Rewards: New rewards for indexing pets.

  • Quality of Life Updates:

    • Storage Boxes for organizing pets and items.
    • Features for managing Pet Teams and Enchant Loadouts.
    • Inventory Pages to reduce lag.
  • Exclusive Additions:

    • New Exclusive Egg with unique pets.
    • Super Drops Gamepass for enhanced random drops.
    • Daycare Gamepass Buff for additional slots.
  • Changes and Improvements:

    • Flag Stacking, Clan Search enhancements.
    • Changes in Fishing mechanics and Anti-Scam measures.
    • Adjustments to quests, hatch chances, and egg areas.
  • Bug Fixes: Various bug fixes including vending machines, update logs, and charm slots.

Pet Simulator 99 Update 4 (30 December 2023)
  • New Areas: Introduction of 7 new areas, including Firefly Cold Forest, Golden Road, No Path Forest, Ancient Ruins, Runic Altar, Wizard Tower, and Witch Marsh.
  • New Pets: Addition of 22 new pets, highlighting favorites like Tabby Cat, Owl, and Imp.
  • New Eggs: Introduction of 7 new types of eggs ranging from Firefly Egg to Witch Egg.
  • New Active Huges: Availability of 5 new active huge pets that can be hatched.
  • New Boss Chest: Boss Chests in No Path Forest, known for being tough but rewarding with significant loot.
  • New Ranks: Expansion of ranks to Rank 13 and Rank 14, each unlocking additional egg openings and pet equips.
  • New Upgrades: Introduction of 3-player upgrades in new areas covering Drops, Pet Speed, and Tap Damage.
  • New Shiny Relics: Addition of 5 new relics to enhance shiny chances.
  • Superior Rarity: Inclusion of Superior Rarity for pets, items, loot bags, and more, including upgrades to some previous items.
  • Tier 7 Enchants: Introduction of Tier 7 Enchantments, allowing upgrades of 7x Tier 6 Enchantments.
  • Tier 8 Potions: New Tier 8 Potions, upgradeable from 5x Tier 7 Potions.
  • New Year’s Clan Battle: Second Clan Battle with rewards for top clans, involving hatching huge pets for points.
  • Dealer Merchant: A new merchant in the Runic Altar area, buying items for diamonds with increasing respect levels and better deals.
  • Trading Terminal: A facility to track and buy pets and items, located at the Trading Terminal Machine.
  • New Year’s Party: A special event where everyone online receives a 2024 New Year's Gift during certain times.
  • New Year’s Gift: Gifts containing items and a chance for HUGE pets, including the HUGE Party Crown Ducky.
  • Firework Launcher: Limited-time availability in Preston’s Shop, for setting off fireworks.
  • New Exclusive Hoverboards: Introduction of Banana, Noob, and UFO Hoverboards.
  • New Exclusive Enchants: Three new enchantments, including Diamond Chest Mimic, Massive Comet, and Party Time.
  • Changes and Overhauls:
    • RAP (Recent Average Price) Overhaul based on in-game data.
    • Auction Changes allow limited Exotic & Divine items to be auctioned.
    • Ornament Changes with ornaments only in Snowman Town and expiring after some time.
    • Removal of the Christmas Event and related features.
    • Various bug fixes, including reboot & anti-afk improvements, clan load issue, Achievement screen, and enchant menu bugs.
  • Update Schedule Changes: Shift from weekly updates to content-based updates without a fixed schedule, aiming for more substantial and quality content in each update.
Pet Simulator 99 Update 3 (23 December 2023)
    • Introduction of Christmas-themed areas: Ice Sculptures, Snowman Town, Ice Castle, and Polar Express.
    • 15 New Pets Added: Notable ones include Hot Cocoa Cat, Ice Snowman, and Snowflake Dominus.
    • 4 New Eggs Introduced: Ranging from Ice Sculpture Egg to Teddy Egg.
    • Addition of Rank 11 and Rank 12: Unlocking more egg opens and pet equips.
    • Diamond Upgrade: Available in the new area.
    • 5 Additional Shiny Relics: To enhance shiny chances.
    • New Rarity Level - Divine: Includes divine pets, items, lootbags, and upgrades of some previous items.
    • New Tier 6 Enchantments: Upgrade 7x Tier 5 Enchantments to Tier 6, covering various attributes like Pets, Criticals, Tap Power, etc.
    • Introduction of Tier 7 Potions: Upgrade 5x Tier 6 Potions to Tier 7, including Damage, Coins, Lucky, and Treasure Hunter Potion.
    • Special Login Reward: Free Christmas Day Gift in mailbox (excludes players on the naughty list).
    • Santa Paws Event: Drops presents and chances for a Huge Jolly Narwhal every 1 hour.
    • 25 Additional Presents: Scattered for players to find.
    • Enhanced Advent Calendar: Additional rewards for days 8 to 14.
    • Diamond Rain Event: In the Trading Plaza, where diamonds fall from the sky for collection.
    • Enhanced Diamond Packs: Now grant more Diamonds.
    • New Mailbox Feature: For sending and receiving pets, diamonds, and messages.
    • New Vending Machine: Sells OP Potions, including Tier 7, restocks once a day.
    • New Pet - Titanic Silver Dragon: Enables flying around the map.
    • Limited-Time Egg: Contains new HUGE pets and the flying Titanic Silver Dragon.
    • Exclusive Shop Offer: Limited-time Super Holiday Pack.
    • Improvements and Fixes:
      • Enhanced exclusive egg opening experience.
      • Improved exclusive rarity visuals.
      • Bug fixes including increased pickup range for Shiny Relics, fixes in the Roblox leaderboard, auto tap function, and more.

And that's everything in the latest Pet Simulator 99 update. For more information, please refer to the official blog post on the BIG Games website.