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How To Get Balloon Unicorn in Adopt Me

We explain how you can get the Balloon Unicorn in Adopt Me for a limited time, including its Robux price.
How To Get Balloon Unicorn in Adopt Me
Uplift Games

There's a huge Summer State Fair 2024 event going on in Roblox Adopt Me, offering a tonne of exciting activities, from bull riding to the Speedy Stables, and with the 28 June 2024 update, the Balloon Pop minigame. Alongside all the activities come new pets, and one of the most sought-after ones has to be the Balloon Unicorn.

Apologies to Corn Doggo enjoyers, but I think Balloon Unicorn takes the cake. To this end, let's just jump in and discuss how you can buy this awesome new Legendary pet in Adopt Me.

How To Buy Balloon Unicorn in Adopt Me

Roblox Adopt me balloon unicorn pet legendary summer state fair 2024 robux tradeable
The Balloon Unicorn at the Summer State Fair 2024 event hub. (Picture: Uplift Games)

We are just going to cut to the chase. It's a bit expensive to buy the Balloon Unicorn in Adopt Me, and you can only do so with Robux, not event tickets.

Use the tab for the Adopt Me Summer State Fair 2024 on your left-hand side to teleport to the event. From here, head to the Speedy Stables minigame area, where you can get those wonderful ponies. As per the image above, you'll see the glorious Balloon Unicorn pet floating around. 

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Interact with it, and spend 1,000 Robux to purchase the Balloon Unicorn, adding this unique, limited-time Legendary pet to your roster. We can also confirm that Balloon Unicorn is tradable. However, since it does cost 1,000 Robux, which is bought with real money, we expect the Ballon Unicorn's asking price in trading to be quite hefty.

In case you've missed it, check out the exciting new trailer for the Adopt Me Summer State Fair 2024 Week 3 content, which includes a glimpse at the Balloon Unicorn, the Balloon Pop minigame, and the awesome Corn Doggo!

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