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BedWars Weekly Update (April 2024): Patch Notes

New Roblox BedWars update is here and here is what new it has brought.
BedWars Weekly Update (April 2024): Patch Notes
Picture: Easy.gg

BedWars is one of the most popular Roblox experiences in which your goal is to destroy enemies' beds. Apart from this, Easy.gg deploys multiple updates, including new modes, seasons, ranked updates, and more.

A new BedWars update is released every Friday at 3:00 PM PDT, and we have the latest patch notes for the April 19 update below.

BedWards Latest Update Patch Notes

BedWars Update Patch Notes.
BedWars Update Patch Notes. (Picture: Easy.gg)

We will update this page on April 19 as the update is released, so make sure to keep an eye on it. In the meantime, you can have a look at the more recent April update patch notes below.

Season X Ranked News

We're excited to announce that Season X Ranked will be Squads! To provide players with the best competitive experience we will be releasing Ranked Squads next week, to allow for more time to balance the game. 

Ranked Rewards

Season 9 ranked rewards will be given out when Season X Ranked starts. We hope you’ll all enjoy the new Victorious Lyla kit skin. 

Lucky Block Map & Mechanic Voting

Map and mechanic voting have been enabled for lucky block queues. 

Free Kits of The Week 

  • Ember 
  • Cyber 
  • Crypt 
  • Ignis (Player Level 20 Unlock) (First Time Free!)

LTM Rotation 

Enabled Bridge Duels

Bi-Weekly Balance Changes

Balance changes will return next week as we continue to monitor game balance with the changes in Season X. 

Hephaestus Kit Buffs

  • Increased base explosion damage and radius
  • Decreased Mech cost
    • Iron Mech: 120 iron → 100 iron
      • Diamond Mech: 8 emeralds → 5 emeralds
      • Emerald Mech: 22 emeralds → 14 emeralds
      • Void Mech: 40 emeralds → 35 emeralds
  • Hephaestus will not take damage until his Mech is fully broken
  • Increased chainsaw weapon damage on Emerald and Void Mechs
    • Emerald Chainsaw: 47 → 48
      • Void Chainsaw: 55 → 58

Era Balance Changes

  • Iron Armor and Iron Sword are no longer locked behind the Iron Era
  • Diamonds are now produced at the Iron Era at a rate of 1 diamond per 75 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Adetunde being able to collect Frost Crystals from Styx while she is in her ghost form
  • Fixed Bed Plating being removed at 2 minutes instead of 6 minutes
  • Fixed issue with loading custom mobile layouts when loading into matches or the lobby
  • Fixed incorrect ability button positions in the legacy mobile layout
  • Purchasing the Flower Crossbow or Falconer Crossbow will now remove the Flower Bow and Falconer Bow
  • Purchasing the Flower Headhunter or Falconer Headhunter will now remove the Flower Crossbow or Falconer Crossbow

Other Changes

  • Titan now begins spawning at 13 minutes
  • Added a overall wins leaderboard (you must win a game to join the leaderboard)
  • You can now view your stats in every queue that we track stats in. Visit the updated stat board in the lobby!
  • Custom mobile layouts are now saved by device resolution on your account, so you can now have separate custom layouts for tablet and for mobile
  • Added a 3 cauldron limit to Alchemist and made cauldrons non-collidable to prevent griefing