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Top 5 Best GTA 5 Games To Play On Roblox In 2023

Money, heists, and everything nice. Here are five of Roblox's best GTA V-inspired games to play right now.
Top 5 Best GTA 5 Games To Play On Roblox In 2023

Roblox is a platform that allows the creation of many games, including many with the same mechanics as popular street-hustler games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5. So whether you want to participate in high-profile heists or rob various casinos or jewelry stores, Roblox has a slew of games ready for you to play. While gameplay features and mechanics will differ from game to game in Roblox, each will provide a new and exciting experience.

Top 5 Best Games Like GTA V On Roblox

Players who desire to engage in behaviors that are not quite acceptable in contemporary society will have tons of fun playing games like GTA. That said, we've compiled a list of the best GTA 5-like games you can play on Roblox.


roblox top five gta 5 games jailbreak
Cash out and Become a Cop or Robber in Roblox Jailbreak. (Picture: Roblox)

Roblox Jailbreak has a Cops and Robbers theme where you can select which role you would like to take when launching the game. There are plenty of features to enjoy in the game, such as robbing casino vaults or jewelry stores and even bribing cops with cash.

You can also receive bounties if you've participated in unlawful acts like killing cops or robbing a location. Once a day, you can also get paychecks, which are additional cash criminals and cops can receive; cops can get $1,200, and criminals start at $50, but this can increase depending on your bounty.

Mad City: Chapter 2

roblox top five best roblox games like gta 5 mad city chapter 2
Choose your team and participate in various heists in Roblox Mad City. (Picture: Roblox)

Mad City is a similar Roblox game to Jailbreak; however, the critical difference between them is that Jailbreak has two character roles: criminals and cops. Mad City has five roles or "teams": Prisoner, Police, Criminal, Hero, and Villain, which has an objective you will need to achieve when joining that team.

Roblox Mad City includes a slew of mini-heists and locations, including a phone with an interactive menu. The phone functions similarly to the one in GTA 5; instead of using cheats, you can now enter and redeem codes, buy cash, and check for available missions.

Entry Point

roblox top five best gta 5 games on roblox entry point
Similar to GTA 5, join a criminal organization in Roblox Entry Point. (Picture: Roblox)

Entry Point is a Roblox game similar to GTA 5, where you can join a criminal organization called Haylcon and participate in various high-profile operations. Entry Point is an FPS with over 15 varieties of missions like Freelance Heists or Night Heists; complete missions stealthily or cause as much chaos as you like, either by hacking or making use of bombs.


Roblox Notoriety is another FPS that tasks you to carry out crimes and destroy waves of police; that can be played in a team of four players, with two gameplay options: Stealth and Loud. While Stealth is self-explanatory, Loud sees you facing the police who'll arrive in waves, and depending on the difficulty, you can substantially sustain damage.

Da Hood

roblox top five best gta 5 games on roblox da hood
Collect tax money in the Roblox Da Hood. (Picture: Roblox)

While Roblox Da Hood will be nearly identical to San Andreas, it plays pretty similarly to GTA5 but still retains the classic Cops and Robbers theme. It includes various features such as collecting cash to buy multiple weapons like a Katana, AK-47, and a Flamethrower, joining multiple gangs, breaking into people's homes, and demanding "tax money."