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What Is The Best Ability In Blade Ball?

Blade Ball has a few good abilities. But which ones are the best in the game?
What Is The Best Ability In Blade Ball?

Are you wondering what the best ability is in Blade Ball? If so — keep reading. As the title suggests, the game's objective is to bounce the ball coming towards you to other players using your sword. In essence, you are trying to outlive everyone else in the lobby.

For every single match, you can equip one ability at a time to make the game easier for you. Because of that, players are hunting for the best ability in the game. And that's where we come in. Here, we will go over which ability is best in Blade Ball.

What Is The Best Ability In Blade Ball Roblox?

Blade Ball Best Ability
Infinity is an amazing ability in Blade Ball.

If you are looking for the singular best ability in Blade Ball, then you need to use Infinity. This skill combines the best aspects of Forcefield, Freeze, and Raging Deflect. Players tend to avoid hitting the ball towards Infinity players because it is that good.

What Infinity does in Blade Ball is it freezes the ball if it is close enough to you for a few seconds. Then, you can aim the ball and hit it back harder towards any player you choose.

Essentially, Infinity allows you to choose who you want to knock out in Blade Ball. There are no upgrades for Infinity because it does not need it. It is very powerful on its own, and we highly recommend you try it.

Are There Other Strong Abilities In Blade Ball Roblox?

Blade Ball Best Ability
There are plenty of abilities in Blade Ball.

Yes! Another fantastic ability in Blade Ball is called Pull —  this skill can really throw other players by surprise because it brings the ball toward you rather than other players. You can use this ability to take your opponents by surprise and take them out quickly.

Reaper is another great Blade Ball ability if you are good. You do not need to activate the ability because it is a passive skill. The more players you end up taking out with the Reaper ability, the faster you become. Plus, it will also add more speed to the ball once you hit it.

Phantom, Swap, and Blink are all great Blade Ball abilities as well. But if you are looking for the best, we highly suggest you get the Infinity ability.

We would like to thank Khayri on YouTube for their video guide. If you are interested in seeing all of the abilities in Blade Ball in action, we suggest you take a look at the video below.