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How To Get Force Ability In Blade Ball

The new Force ability is now available in Blade Ball and we teach you how to get it!
How To Get Force Ability In Blade Ball

Do you want to get one of the newest Blade Ball abilities? Well, you are in luck! The Force ability is finally available for the game, and it is one of the best abilities to dominate your opponents! The best part? This brand-new skill can be yours for free!

That means no Robux or special Blade Ball codes are needed. So, what is exactly the secret of unlocking the new Force ability in Blade Ball? Well, we are here to tell you! And to put the cherry on top of the cake, we'll share why it's so darn good!

How To Unlock Force In Blade Ball Roblox

How To Unlock Force Blade Ball
Force can be a powerful ability in Blade Ball for experienced players.

You must complete the Ability Training Event to unlock the Force Ability in Blade Ball. To be more specific, you must:

  • Play eight matches
  • Win at least two duels
  • Parry the ball 250 times
  • Eliminate five enemies in a single match

It is pretty simple! Once you have completed the required quests, you will automatically unlock the Force ability for your troubles! Do not miss this opportunity!

How To Use Force In Blade Ball Roblox

How To Unlock Force Blade Ball
Force is a good ability to make sure you have the space you need to play Blade Ball.

Once you get your hands on the Force Ability in Blade Ball, it is time to master it! The ability will release three consecutive shockwaves that will launch nearby players away from you. The key here is that this ability will only work against players, not the ball.

The shockwaves from Force are actually pretty small. So you must get up close and personal to use this new Blade Ball ability effectively. You will want to use this to disrupt other players to mess up their timing so they get hit with the ball.

Do you want to see Force in action? Then, you will want to see this Blade Ball video from Ant on YouTube, which showcases what this new ability can do!