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Blade Ball Ability Tier List: Best Skills Ranked

Looking for the most overpowered skill in Blade Ball? Find the best abilities to use in this tier list!
Blade Ball Ability Tier List: Best Skills Ranked

Looking for the best Blade Ball skill tier list? You've found it! As you might know, there are a ton of abilities that could skyrocket you to the top of the leaderboard. But with many choices, it's easy to get your wires crossed, right? But chill out—that's where we come in!

This guide will unveil the best abilities in Blade Ball, ranking every skill from best to worst. Sound good? It is. Whether you're just stepping into the arena or you're the MVP looking to keep your edge, this tier list is your golden ticket to turn every match into an epic showdown!

Note: Blade Ball gets frequent updates, so there is a small chance that the ranking of these abilities might change with the new meta.

What Is The Best Ability In Roblox Blade Ball?

The best ability in Blade Ball is Infinity—the most overpowered pay-to-win ability in the game, which combines aspects of Force Field, Freeze, and Raging Deflect. Infinity grants immunity to death but with the added advantage of freezing the ball and launching it at opponents.

Runner-ups include Reaper, which offers versatility and can counter almost all other abilities, and Rapture, which provides a backup for blocked shots and can curve the ball to surprise opponents. Force Field and Pull are also solid top-tier skills for their defensive and control capabilities.

best ability in blade ball roblox

Roblox Blade Ball Skill Tier List

The skills mentioned in this Blade Ball ability tier list were ranked based on their effectiveness, versatility, and popularity. If you're still learning, the list below will guide you to understand which abilities can give you an edge.

Tier Descriptions
  • S-Tier: These are the dominant abilities of the Blade Ball world—they offer game-changing buffs and can kick your opponents' ass. They're pretty rad.

  • A-Tier: Oh my gosh—these are gold skills in Blade Ball! Not quite as good as the S-tier, but they still pack a punch. Perfect for flexing your prowess in combat!

  • B-Tier: Alright, so these aren't exactly "top-dog" but are solid situational abilities that can be effective with strategic use and timing.

  • C-Tier: Quirky, but quirky works! These skills in Blade Ball are the wild cards of your deck. Put simply, they shine in the right hands or at the right moment.

  • D-Tier: Yeah, these are the least effective abilities. These skills are often overlooked due to low impact but can serve as beginner options or placeholders. So, they're not completely shit.

Disclaimer: This tier list is based on the author's opinions, in which case you might not agree with the Blade Ball ability rankings in this list. You should use this list as a guide while using your discretion about the various skills available in the game.



SS-Tier (the best)


S-Tier (super good)

Reaper, Forcefield, Pull

A-Tier (good)

Rapture, Raging Deflect, Phantom, Invisibility, Thunder Dash, Phase Bypass, Wind Clock, Shadow Step, Freeze, Blink

B-Tier (okay)

Dash, Swap, Telekinesis, Quad Jump, Waypoint

C- Tier (meh)

Super Jump

D-Tier (kind of shit)


blade ball gameplay2

And that concludes our tier list of the best abilities in Blade Ball. Do you agree with our rankings? Please help us improve it! Get in touch with the editor at [email protected] and share your thoughts—we take all feedback super seriously.

Before you go, we want to extend a special thanks to the YouTuber AlphaGG for their analysis, which massively informed this tier list. Please consider subscribing to their channel or watching the video below for a more detailed analysis.