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How To Complete Haunted Shipwreck In Blox Fruits (Halloween 2023)

Trying to complete the Haunted Shipwreck Sea Event in Blox Fruits? Find out everything you need to know right here!
How To Complete Haunted Shipwreck In Blox Fruits (Halloween 2023)

Want to beat the Haunted Shipwreck event in Blox Fruits? You're in for a challenge! So, rally your troops and prepare for a ghostly adventure that's as rewarding as it is rare. This latest Sea Event was added in the Ghost update, exclusively for the brave at heart.

But fear not, chums, because you've got us to help you! This guide will explain how to complete the Haunted Shipwreck in Blox Fruits, including its location and the bounty. So, grab your Shark Anchor Sword and join us as we prepare to set sail!

How To Find The Haunted Shipwreck In Blox Fruits

blox fruits haunted shipwreck

Alright, first things first: where is the Haunted Shipwreck location in Blox Fruits? As it turns out, you'll need to venture far into the treacherous waters at Sea Danger Level 6, the most perilous waters in the Third Sea.

Now, here's the thing: the Haunted Shipwreck is super-duper rare! It pops up far from the comfort of land, and there's no telling when it might vanish as quickly as it appeared. That said, it's similar to the Leviathan in being one of the rarest Sea Events in the game!

You'll know that you've found the Haunted Shipwreck by the green-blue glow of the Sharks circling the ship—that should also be a telltale sign that they're not your ordinary sea predators. They're tougher and meaner (and hit harder) as they guard valuable loot!

Note: In addition to having a very low chance of spawning, there is currently no known cooldown for the Haunted Shipwreck in Blox Fruits. As a result, it might take ages before it pops up again.

How To Beat Haunted Shipwreck Event In Blox Fruits

how to beat haunted shipwreck blox fruits

So, what's the game plan? First off, it's important to keep your boat in one piece. Those Sharks and the Ghost Ship's barrages are nothing to scoff at. They'll take your vessel down, and the Haunted Shipwreck will despawn if you're not careful.

Once you've managed to land on the creaky decks of the Ghost Ship, be prepared for battle. The exact enemies you'll face are shrouded in mystery, but rumors speak of up to three NPCs who are anything but welcoming. 

Here's where strategy becomes your best friend. If you're in a team, have your mates cover you while you take on the Blox Fruits Haunted Shipwreck enemies one by one. Going solo? Take it slow, and remember: the first strike matters.

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Get the upper hand quickly, and use your most powerful moves to dispatch these spectral beasts before they overwhelm you. And don't forget to collect the chests dotted around the shipwreck after you complete the Sea Event. They're not just lying around for decoration.

The chests are filled with untold riches. We're talking Fragments, Ectoplasm, Bones, Fool's Gold, and Money. Also, if lady luck smiles upon you, you might unearth a rare Fruit like the brand-new Ghost Fruit!

And that's everything to know about how to complete the Haunted Shipwreck event in Blox Fruits. Want to contribute to this guide so it's more useful to other readers? Drop me an email at [email protected], and I'll make it happen!

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