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How To Get Kitsune Mask In Blox Fruits Update 21

Learn how to get the coveted Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits Update 21 in this guide!
How To Get Kitsune Mask In Blox Fruits Update 21
Roblox and ItzMoney via YouTube

Looking for the Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits? Don't even sweat it! This new Legendary-rarity accessory is as potent as it sounds—and a great addition to your PvP arsenal in Update 21. So, how do you unlock it? That's where we come in!

This guide will teach you how to unlock the Fox Lamp in Blox Fruits, including all the effect buffs! Oh, and the best part is that the steps to acquire it are practically identical to getting the Fox Lamp. That means you can essentially kill two birds with one stone!

How To Unlock Kitsune Mask In Blox Fruits Update 21

You can get the Kitsune Mask during the Blue Moon raid event on Kitsune Island in Blox Fruits. The issue, though, is actually finding the island—fortunately, we've already detailed all the steps in a previous guide.

When you're on the island, the next step is to interact with the boulder (aka Kitsune Shrine) located near the middle of the area. This will trigger the Blue Moon event. You'll know you've triggered the event because you'll get a server message.

kitsune shrine blox fruits

This message will read: "The full moon shifts to a deep shade of blue" and cause the Full Moon to turn into a Blue Moon. Shortly afterward, you'll spot multiple Azure Embers spawning on and around the island. You'll have 5 minutes to collect as many as you can find.

Having done this, you can return to the boulder and cash them in for rewards, including fragments, cash, and accessories like the Fox Lamp or Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits Update 21. Just note—there is no guarantee you will get this item, as the rewards have a random drop chance.

Pro Tip: Mammoth and Buddha Fruits will help you collect the Azure Embers a lot faster. You can collect a maximum of 25 flames before returning to the Kitsune Shrine, where you can redeem them for rewards.

What Are The Kitsune Mask Effects In Blox Fruits?

kitsune mask blox fruits

The Kitsune Mask provides you with several buffs in Blox Fruits Update 21:

  • +10% Blox Fruits Damage
  • +2 Instinct Dodges
  • +15% Fury Regen Speed on Fruit Meters
  • +50% Clear Vision in Sea Danger Level 6 (except across Mirage Island).
  • +750 Health

And that's everything about how to get the Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits Update 21. It's a pretty powerful accessory that is especially useful during Sea Events. You can also pair it with Fruits with Transformation meters like Kitsune, Shadow, Dragon, or Venom.