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How To Get Fox Lamp In Blox Fruits Update 21

Looking high and low for the new Fox Lamp weapon in Blox Fruits Update 21? Here are all the steps to unlock it!
How To Get Fox Lamp In Blox Fruits Update 21
Roblox via YouTube / HyperJay06

Do you want to know how to get the Fox Lamp in Blox Fruits? Good news—we've got the answer! This new Mythical-rarity Sword is all the craze, boasting a powerful ability kit and insane damage. Put simply, you'll want to pair it with the new Kitsune Fruit!

But the burning question is how to unlock the Fox Lamp in Blox Fruits Update 21. Don't worry, bud—we've got you covered. This guide covers everything you need to know about this new weapon, including all the steps you need to get it in the game.

How To Unlock Fox Lamp In Blox Fruits Update 21

how to get fox lamp blox fruits update 21

You can get the Fox Lamp in the raid event on Kitsune Island in Blox Fruits. Not sure how to get there? No problem—you can refer to our dedicated guide! Once you're on the island, you must go and interact with the boulder (aka Kitsune Shrine) located at the center of the area.

Afterward, you will see a server message that reads: "The full moon shifts to a deep shade of blue"—this will cause the Full Moon to turn into a Blue Moon. Once this happens, a raid will begin that spawns multiple Azure Embers on and around the island. You'll have 5 minutes to collect as many as you can find.

Pro Tip: Mammoth and Buddha Fruits will help you collect the Azure Embers a lot faster. You can collect a maximum of 25 flames before returning to the boulder, where you can redeem them for rewards like fragments, cash, or a Kitsune accessory, weapon, or title.

There is only a small chance to unlock the Fox Lamp in Blox Fruits as a reward. Remember, the boulder will award you with a reward at random—that means you'll also need to just get lucky. Once you've unlocked the Sword, you can also upgrade it at the Blacksmith for 10 Azure Ember, 15 Scrap Metals, and 10 Magma Ore.

What Is The Fox Lamp Moveset In Blox Fruits?

fox lamp blox fruits update 21

The Fox Lamp has two abilities in Blox Fruits Update 21:

  • Scorching Azure (Z) - 150 Mastery: This ability summons blue letters that hover around you. Once released, it fires in the direction of your cursor and slashes an enemy multiple times, tossing them into the air and triggering a massive explosion. The only downside is that this ability has a small hitbox.
  • Infernal Firestorm (X) - 350 MasteryIf you press the ability, you'll dash forward at an enemy and blast a blue fire beam at them that has knockback. But if you hold the ability, then you'll shoot a fire beam that will cause you to dash toward them and hit them once, knocking them back.

And that's everything about how to get the Fox Lamp in Blox Fruits Update 21. It's a pretty powerful weapon with two AoE skills. They also have quite a long range and solid mobility, making it a perfect Sword to use in PvP.