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How To Get Devil Fruits In Haze Piece Roblox

Did you know there are five ways to get Devil Fruits in Haze Piece? Yep — find out all the methods in this guide!
How To Get Devil Fruits In Haze Piece Roblox
YouTube / Mr BossG

Want to know how to get Devil Fruits in Haze Piece? If so — you're in the right spot. These mystical fruits give unimaginable powers to those lucky enough to consume them, but the problem is knowing where to find these sneaky items in this Roblox anime game.

Devil Fruits in Haze Piece are among the many treasures every player seeks. And for good reason — each of them offers unique abilities that can boost your strengths, making you nearly invincible in some cases. So, where can you find Devil Fruits in Haze Piece?

All Methods To Get Devil Fruits In Haze Piece

There are five ways to get Devil Fruits in Haze Piece. In the section below, we've explained all the methods to get these game-changing items and grow to unprecedented heights of power:

Method 1: Finding It

Devil Fruits spawn every 60 minutes and remain for 20 minutes in Haze Piece. You must be vigilant and fast, scanning all the islands to locate them. Every hour that passes in the game is a new opportunity for you to grow your powers.

Method 2: Buying from the Fruit Dealer

fruit shop devil fruit haze piece roblox

If patience isn’t your virtue, head straight to the Fruit Dealer in the game. With 125,000 in-game currency, you can buy a spin and try your luck. It’s a gamble, and fortunes vary. In this game of chance, Legendary and Mythical Devil Fruits like the Dragon Fruit await only the lucky souls.

These are the odds of finding the different rarity of Devil Fruits in the Fruit Shop:

  • Common: 50%
  • Uncommon: 39%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Legendary: 1%
  • Mythical: 0.5%

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Method 3: Using Gems or Robux

Gems offer another path to getting Devil Fruits in Haze Piece. Spend your gems or Robux at the Fruit Shop by spinning the wheel, and let destiny decide your prize. The thrill of the unexpected and the prospect of getting a Legendary Devil Fruit will only add to the excitement.

Method 4: Earning from Gifts

gift devil fruit haze piece

In the world of Haze Piece, gifts are not just tokens of appreciation but opportunities to get a new Devil Fruit. Playing the game and earning gifts can occasionally reward you with these items. Who knows — persistence might lead to you unexpectedly finding a powerful fruit, adding an element of surprise to your gameplay.

Method 5: Defeating Ace

For the brave souls, defeating Ace (Fire Fist), a formidable level 1400 boss in Haze Piece, offers a 1% chance to win the Flame Fruit. It’s a risky and challenging endeavor but comes with the reward of one of the more powerful Devil Fruits. Are you ready to take the chance?

And that concludes our guide on how to get Devil Fruits in Haze Piece. We want to extend a huge thanks to Mr. BossG on YouTube for the insightful walkthrough! Don't miss out - watch the video for clear, helpful guidance, and subscribe for more quality content.