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How To Get Rubber Fruit In Haze Piece

If you want to be like Luffy from One Piece, we go over exactly how to get the Rubber Fruit in Haze Piece.
How To Get Rubber Fruit In Haze Piece

Do you want to be just like Luffy from One Piece? Also known as the Rubber Man, this protagonist's abilities are out of this world. That is why players are jumping into Haze Piece and trying to find the Rubber Fruit, one of the best Devil Fruits in the game.

This powerful Devil Fruit will give you all of the same powers that took down the Legendary Kaido, the user of the Dragon Fruit. Sounds good to you? That is why we are here to tell you how to find the Rubber Fruit in Haze Piece.

How To Unlock The Rubber Fruit In Haze Piece Roblox

haze piece rubber fruit 2 size

You can actually outright buy the Rubber Fruit in Haze Piece. You just need to spend $1 Million or 1,999 Robux at the Fruit Dealer in Starter Island, Logue City, or Sky Island.

But there is a good chance that the Fruit Dealer will not have the Rubber Fruit in stock. So, what are your other options then? It will then come down to luck! The Fruit Dealer will also allow you to spin to get the Rubber Fruit in Haze Piece.

You will only have a 0.20% chance of rolling the Rubber Fruit in Haze Piece. It is a Legendary Fruit, after all! But if you are feeling lucky, head over to the Fruit Dealer and try your luck!

What Are The Rubber Fruit Abilities In Haze Piece?

haze piece rubber fruit 3 size

What really separates the Rubber Fruit from the other Devil Fruit in Haze Piece are the transformations you can undergo with it. With the basic Rubber Fruit abilities, you will have some pretty standard moves focusing on a singular target.

While those abilities are not too bad, the real secret to the Rubber Fruit is unlocking Gear 2, Gear 4, and Gear 5. Gear 2 will make your Gear 1 moves a lot stronger than they originally were. Gear 4 and 5 will completely transform you in Haze Piece, and you will become so much stronger thanks to these transformations.

Your movesets will completely change as well. Gear 4 will give you very powerful single-target moves, while Gear 5 will destroy any enemy within your area. Gear 5 is new, and that is why so many people want to get the Rubber Fruit in Haze Piece!