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Hydro Blasters Location In One Fruit Simulator

Here's how to get the Hydro Blasters in One Fruit Simulator during the Summer Event update.
Hydro Blasters Location In One Fruit Simulator
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Want to get the Hydro Blasters in One Fruit Simulator? You're not alone! This update isn't just a splash in the pool—it includes a tidal wave of new content. Explore a fresh island, level up with upgrades, dominate a new raid, and boost your power to the max with a shiny new mythical weapon!

This guide will explain how to get the Hydro Blasters in One Fruit Simulator during the Summer update, including all the materials you need to unlock it. Don't snooze on this—grab those blasters and start blasting!

How To Get Hydro Blasters In One Fruit Simulator

To unlock the Hydro Blasters in One Fruit Simulator, you'll need to go to the Summer Shop NPC on the new Summer Event Island. After interacting with him, you'll see that you must farm a few items from the NPCs found in the area:

  • 200x Frozen Popsicles
  • 1000x Beach Balls
  • 40x Fireworks Popsicles
  • 350x Ice Cubes

In addition to the legendary Water Pistols, which you can get via trading, you'll also need 75x Solar Fragments. You can get by beating the Solar Raid boss. However, to take part in this event, you'll first need to get a Solar Key in One Fruit Simulator, which you can obtain by giving 500x Beach Balls to the Summer Shop NPC.

sword of soltice one fruit simulator

What Is The Hydro Blasters Moveset In One Fruit Simulator?

Once you've collected all the required items, you can craft the Hydro Blasters in One Fruit Simulator. Just like the Sword of Soltice, this weapon comes with special abilities that deal incredible damage to enemy targets.

Here's an overview of the Hydro Blasters moveset:

  • Hydron (Z Move): Fires a high-damage blast around your unit and at a targeted location.
  • Hydron Whirlwind (X Move): Triggers a whirlwind of shards to protrude from the ground in an area of effect around your character, each dealing massive damage and knockback.
  • Hydron Eruption (C Move): Fires a large splash attack at a targeted location that deals high damage.
  • Hydron Drizzle (V Move): Shoots a bolt into the sky that rains down a barrage of high-damage attacks in an area of effect near your character.
  • Hydron Machine Gun (B Move): Strikes enemies with a large wave of attacks that deals incredible damage.
  • Hydron Deadeye (F Move): Charges up to add a damage buff to your weapon.

And that's everything to know about the Hydro Blasters in One Fruit Simulator. 

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