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How To Get Reiatsu Crystals In Peroxide

Want to know how to get Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide? Look no further than this guide.
How To Get Reiatsu Crystals In Peroxide

Ever wondered about the power of Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide? There's a good chance you have. After all, it is a question that often bubbles up in gaming circles. Either way, you're in luck. This guide will shed light on these Crystals, detailing each for their unique effects and game-changing potential.

From unveiling the magic behind every Reiatsu Crystal in Peroxide to understanding their true value in battle, our guide is brimming with new discoveries. Whether you're a newcomer to Peroxide or a battle-hardened veteran, this breakdown of all Reiatsu Crystals will boost your gameplay.

What Are Reiatsu Crystals In Peroxide?

Modeled after the enigmatic gems in Deepwoken, Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide can be equipped to enhance your moves, offering distinct buffs or modifiers. However, there's a strategic catch - once a Crystal is consumed by a skill, it's permanently bound unless replaced by another Crystal.

That said, you'll want to be extra careful about which Crystals you want to affix to certain skills. Making the wrong choice could backfire.

How Many Reiatsu Crystals Are There In Peroxide?


There are 19 Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide, each with a unique effect. There are also distinct rarities for each of them: Common (80% drop chance), Rare (18% drop chance), and Legendary (2% drop chance). We've broken down each of their abilities in the section below.

Common Crystals

  • Crystal of Wind: Adds a brief wind dash and perfect dodge frames before the move to which you apply the Reiatsu Crystal in Peroxide.
  • Crystal of Shadow: When you use the move to which the Crystal is attached, it darkens your opponent's screen and makes them deal 5% less damage.
  • Crystal of Spirit: This Crystal halves the Reiatsu cost of the move to which it is applied. It also removed the Anti-Reiatsu regen from the move.
  • Crystal of Inferno: Adds burn damage to the move to which it is applied.
  • Crystal of Force: Adds more knockback to the move to which it is applied.

Rare Crystals

  • Crystal of Inchor: This Reiatsu Crystal grants the bearer lifesteal to the move it is used on.
  • Crystal of Exponentiality: Expands the timeframe between the hit and the damage the opponent takes. It also makes the move deal 30% more damage.
  • Crystal of Aegis: This Crystal grants hyper armor to the move you use, protecting you from one hit. It does not protect you from an Enemy's Counter and Guard Break, though.
  • Crystal of Clutch: Grabs nearby players and pulls them toward the user.
  • Crystal of Prodigy: Enhances the mastery of the skill to which it is used.
  • Crystal of Degression: When you use the move to which the Reiatsu Crystal is applied, you add a mark to the opponent that devolves his moves and removes all of their applied Crystals.
  • Crystal of Chains: This Crystal chains two or more opponents together, allowing them to take damage even if you only hit one. They have to be near each other, and the chained opponents don't take as much damage as the original target.
  • Crystal of Creep: You take someone else's Reiatsu when you use the move to which the Crystal is connected.
  • Crystal of Reap: This Crystal turns off all forms of healing besides the health packs for the person hit with the move to which the Crystal is affixed.
  • Crystal of Glass: It makes block breakers do as much damage as they would usually do when block breaking.

Legendary Crystals

  • Crystal of Terra: The Reiatsu Crystal builds a wall behind the opponent, allowing him to be pushed into it and receive extra damage.
  • Crystal of Despair: Surround the opponent with a dark aura that prevents him from using abilities when you strike him with the move to which the Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal is affixed. If you land a Reiatsu Burst with a Null gem on it, the null effect will be transferred to you instead, meaning you take less damage after using the move.
  • Crystal of Null: This Crystal causes the move to do greatly increased damage, at the downside of everything else afterward doing greatly reduced damage for some time.
  • Crystal of Conduction: When the Crystal is used to move, it adds a lightning strike following a downslam.

How To Get Reiatsu Crystals In Peroxide

shady shinigami peroxide

Securing these coveted Reiatsu Crystals is a quest in itself. Visit the NPC, Shady Shinigami, stationed at the King of Shawarma store in Karakura Town. In exchange for 50 Yen and 10 Time Relics, you'll be granted a random Reiatsu Crystal in Peroxide.

Oh, and if you're wondering how to get the Time Relics, don't stress. You can snag them by participating in events like Storms or Invasion Raids. Again, remember that the Reiatsu Crystal you receive will be completely random. So don't be bummed out if you didn't get the Crystal you hoped for.

And there you have it! That concludes our Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal guide. But why stop there? Feel free to check out some of our other guides on this popular Bleach-based Roblox game: How To Get Legendary & Godly Cards | How To Get Fullbringer | How To Get Schrift | How To Become A Soul Reaper