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Pet Simulator 99 Countdown Timer

Can't wait for Pet Simulator 99 to come out? Me neither!
Pet Simulator 99 Countdown Timer
Roblox / BIG Games
Note: Pet Simulator 99 has been released! What are you waiting for? Go enjoy the game!

When is the Pet Simulator 99 release date? Good question! The newest title from BIG Games is finally headed our way. And the best part? There are a ton of new features and mechanics, including a massive visual overhaul and loads of free-to-play elements!

In this guide, you'll find the Pet Simulator 99 countdown timer so you can watch the hours and minutes tick by. But that's not all—we'll also detail exactly what you can expect. So what are you waiting for? Let's jump right in.

Pet Simulator 99 Countdown Timer: Release Date & Time

Pet Simulator 99 will come out on 1 December 2023 at exactly 9 AM PST | 11 AM CST | 12 PM ET. Are you not in the United States? No problem—take a look at the countdown clock below to see exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are remaining!

Pet Simulator 99 will be released in

What Can I Expect From Pet Simulator 99?

Pet Simulator 99 appears to be an improved version of Pet Simulator X, with pretty much the same elements as its predecessors. The big difference? The PS99 offers massive improvements in terms of its gameplay and overall experience.

For starters, Pet Simulator 99 has been praised for its impressive new design, including smooth animations and a striking visual interface. In short—the overall quality of the game design seems to be a step up from previous versions!

Pet Simulator 99 also brings new and exciting gameplay mechanics, including various activities like mining, fishing, and obstacle courses. Perhaps the most enticing part is that the game appears to have a strong focus on free-to-play, allowing players to enjoy the game without spending money.

It's still unclear, but the development team at BIG Games appears to be actively engaged with the player community, having taken feedback into account and worked towards creating a game that resonates with its audience. However, only time will tell if they've delivered.

Fortunately, the wait is not too long, so you can look forward to exploring everything that Pet Simulator 99 has to offer when it comes out on 1 December 2023. Until then, happy gaming!