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How To Unlock Warehouse In Pig 64

Need help obtaining the Working Hard Or Hardly Working badge? Here's how to get into the Warehouse in Pig 64.
How To Unlock Warehouse In Pig 64

Struggling to unlock the Warehouse in Pig 64? You're not alone. Nobody seems to know the steps to access this new area, leaving many Roblox users to outright question their sanity. So, what gives?! Well—as it turns out, the answer is relatively straightforward but there are still a few hoops you'll need to jump through.

How To Enter The Warehouse In Pig 64 Roblox

To unlock the Warehouse in Pig 64, you need to solve the Glitch World puzzle. This involves obtaining the Keymaster, Potato Pout, Deep Depths, Operation: Employee, Flip Side, and the : eRrOr : badges. Once you've done this, you'll get the Working Hard Or Hardly Working badge and unlock the Warehouse.

If you try to access the Warehouse without first unlocking these badges, the game will say you need an infinite number of Piggy Currency to unlock the area (which, in case you didn't realize, is impossible). To the best of my understanding, there's no secret way to glitch into the area, either—so don't waste your time trying.

That's pretty much all you have to know. I'll try to update this page with the instructions on how to get all the Pig 64 badges so you can unlock the Warehouse. Since there are a few badges, I'll try to get the guides published over the next day or so. So, stay tuned for more!

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