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Roblox Project Mugetsu: All Hollow Evolutions Explained

Discover the road to becoming a Vasto Lorde as we discuss and explain all the Hollow evolutions in Roblox's Projet Mugetsu.
Roblox Project Mugetsu: All Hollow Evolutions Explained

For those who have embraced the Hollow path in Roblox's Project Mugetsu, the notable strength of other Hollow forms in the game may spark curiosity about evolving your character to achieve similar power levels. Fortunately, the evolutionary journey is open to all players who choose the path of the Hollow, though the process for each stage may seem somewhat obscure.

If you're curious about how Hollow evolutions function in the game and how to advance through each stage, you've come to the right place. Below, we'll delve into and dissect each of the Hollow evolutions in Project Mugetsu, along with the steps to transition from the basic Menos form to a formidable Vasto Lorde.

All Hollow Evolutions in Project Mugetsu

When embarking on your journey in Project Mugetsu, you're presented with four starting races: Soul Reapers, Hollows, Quincies, and Fullbringers. Opting for the Hollow race involves speaking to Izhen and eliminating a Soul Reaper to acquire your Hollow abilities before being transported to Hueco Mundo to hone your skills and confront other players and bosses.

Project Mugetsu Hollow Evolution Explained Fighting through Hueco Mundo
The main way you'll rise through the ranks of the Hollow evolution is by killing and consuming many Hollows in Hueco Mundo as well as the more powerful Soul Reapers in Soul Society. (Picture: Roblox)

In terms of the leveling process, several key points should be noted. Firstly, progression through the ranks occurs from a standard Hollow to a Menos, then to an Adjucha, and so forth until reaching the ultimate form of a Vastocar. Secondly, transitioning between these phases necessitates different prerequisites, with some merely requiring sufficient XP while others involve completing smaller side missions and tasks.

Let's dissect the entire evolutionary cycle of the Hollow race in Project Mugetsu and elucidate how to ascend the ranks for those aspiring to become Vastocars:

  1. Standard Hollow to Menos: 625 EXP
  2. Menos to Menoscar: Complete the mini-game within 52 minutes (also requires being level 15+)
  3. Menoscar to Adjucha: Survive in-game without being defeated for a total of 60 minutes (requires being level 10+)
  4. Adjucha to Adjucar: Consume the body parts of Hollows and Soul Reapers until acquiring 1562 EXP (requires being level 25+). Additionally, unlock a mini-game by purchasing the "Adjucar" skill from the shop.
  5. Adjucar to Vasto Lorde: Attain level 50+ and consume the body parts of Soul Reapers and Hollows until accruing a total of 1875 EXP.
  6. Vasto Lorde to True Vasto Lorde: Achieve 3,125 EXP by continuously consuming Soul Reapers and Hollows.
  7. True Vasto Lorde to Vastocar: Obtain 2,250 EXP by devouring Hollows and Soul Reapers, purchase the Vastocar skill from the shop, and complete the mini-game.
Project Mugetsu Hollow Evolution Explained Overview
While reaching the level of Vastocar can be cumbersome and require grinding, the power you can gain is well worth the effort. (Picture: Roblox)

While the process appears straightforward, the tasks in between can indeed be tedious, requiring specific amounts of XP, body part consumption, mini-game completion, and more. However, the effort is undeniably worthwhile, as reaching the Vastocar level grants immense power and abilities, placing those players among the elite in Project Mugetsu.