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Roblox Project Mugetsu: Yamamoto Clan Abilities Explained

Set your enemies ablaze with our guide detailing how to unlock the Yamamoto clan as well as outline its abilities in Roblox's Project Mugetsu.
Roblox Project Mugetsu: Yamamoto Clan Abilities Explained

In Project Mugetsu, besides selecting your race, you'll also need to choose a specific clan, each offering unique abilities and buffs in addition to those provided by your race. The rarity of clans varies, with the most coveted being the Transcendent Clans, such as the Yamamoto clan.

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about the Yamamoto clan in Project Mugetsu, including the buffs and special abilities you gain by becoming a member.

Yamamoto Clan Abilities in Project Mugetsu Detailed

The Yamamoto clan in Project Mugetsu is closely tied to the character of the same name from the Bleach anime, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. As the founder of the Gotei 13 and one of the most formidable Shinigami, it's no surprise that his clan ranks as Transcendent, alongside the Yhwach and Gojo clans, representing the pinnacle of power within their respective factions.

Project Mugetsu Yamamoto Clan Rolling
To join the Yamamoto clan, you'll need to roll for it in the customization menu, but be warned this can be difficult as you only have a 0.0005% chance of rolling it. (Picture: Shane / Roblox)

Given Yamamoto's immense strength, his clan offers a plethora of unique abilities and passive buffs that can elevate you above your peers. However, obtaining membership in this prestigious clan is quite challenging, as Transcendent clans have only a 0.0005% chance of rolling. Prepare yourself for numerous rerolls if you're determined to join his ranks. But once you do, you'll gain access to some of the most potent abilities in the game, as outlined below:

Yamamoto Clan Buffs:

  • +75 Reiatsu
  • +2 Melee
  • +120 Health
  • +2 Sword
  • +1 Sprinter
  • +3 Block
  • Long Reach: Increases normal attack AOE by 15% (M1 ability only)
  • Immune to Fire Damage: Provides immunity to all fire damage in the game
  • Immense Strength: Grants a strength passive buff when HP falls below 40%
  • Immense Durability: Reduces damage taken when HP is below 30%
  • Hakuda Master: Grants a melee damage passive buff when HP is below 50%
  • Master Swordsman: Accelerates Sword Mastery experience by 0.7x
  • Freeze Duration: Shortens freeze duration during attacks by 65%
  • Shunpo Master: Reduces Reiatsu consumption while Flash Stepping (dashing)
Project Mugetsu Yamamoto Clan Abilities
Joining the Yamamoto clan grants you some powerful abilities and can give your character's strength a massive boost. (Picture: YouTube / Gaming With Kwdy)

So there you have it, a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the Yamamoto Transcendent clan in Project Mugetsu. As mentioned earlier, obtaining membership in this clan may require considerable effort due to its low roll chance. However, the powerful abilities and buffs it offers make it well worth the endeavor, potentially placing you a cut above many other players in Project Mugetsu.