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Projet Mugetsu Hyorinmaru Shikai: How To Get And Abilities

Unlock the power of the frozen heavens as we discuss how to get the Hyorinmaru shikai as well as its abilities in Roblox's Project Mugetsu.
Projet Mugetsu Hyorinmaru Shikai: How To Get And Abilities

In Project Mugetsu, players such as Shinigami/Soul Reapers are bestowed with an array of abilities, including the initial release of their swords known as Shikai. Among these Shikai forms is Hyorinmaru, the signature release of Tōshirō Hitsugaya, captain of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13.

Hyorinmaru is renowned for its formidable power, and if you seek guidance on acquiring and harnessing its full potential, you've come to the right place. Below, we'll detail precisely how to unlock the Hyorinmaru Shikai in Project Mugetsu, while also spotlighting its key abilities and how to effectively employ them in battle.

Hyorinmaru Shikai in Project Mugetsu: Obtaining and Abilities

To access the Hyorinmaru Shikai in Project Mugetsu, you must reach the Soul Society and reach at least level 15, similar to how you get the Bankai. Attaining Meditation level 20 is also necessary to engage in combat with your Zanpakuto. Upon defeating your Zanpakuto, you'll unlock a Shikai, though the specific one is randomly determined, so multiple attempts may be required before obtaining Hyorinmaru.

Project Mugetsu Hyorinmaru Shikai Unlock And Abilities
To unlock the Hyorinmaru Shikai, you'll need to reach a specific level and meditation, then fight and defeat your Zanpakuto. (Picture: YouTube / RandomAnimator)

Upon unlocking, you can fully utilize the Shikai's capabilities. Activating the Shikai requires entering a Call Name into the chat box. Here are the available Call Names for activating the Shikai in Project Mugetsu:

  • Growl
  • Scatter
  • Sing
  • Reap
  • Roar
  • Fly
  • Dance
  • Dash
  • Devour
  • Burst
  • Bloom
  • Awake
  • Howl

Once you've mastered unlocking and utilizing the Hyorinmaru Shikai, it's essential to understand its range of abilities. These abilities span from AoE attacks to burst damage and traps, making the Shikai highly adaptable in various combat scenarios. Let's examine each of the Hyorinmaru Shikai's abilities:

Project Mugetsu Hyorinmaru Shikai Abilities
The Hyorinmaru Shikai features various abilities that make it flexible and effective for both ranged and close-quarter combat. (Picture: YouTube / RandomAnimator)
  • Z Ability - Ice Spikes: Requires Zanpakuto Evolution level of at least 0 Summons ice spikes from the ground Unable to break shields
  • X Ability - Ice Traps: Requires Zanpakuto Evolution level of at least 0 Deploys ice spike traps resembling snowflakes on the ground Unable to break shields
  • C Ability - Ice Clone: Requires Zanpakuto Evolution level of at least 20 Creates an ice clone of the player Can only be utilized when stunned
  • V Ability - Ice Eruption: Requires Zanpakuto Evolution level of at least 35 Strikes the ground forcefully, freezing enemies Capable of breaking shields

In summary, the Hyorinmaru Shikai boasts a diverse range of abilities, offering considerable utility in battle. Now armed with the knowledge of unlocking Hyorinmaru, you're well-prepared to harness the power of Tōshirō in your future encounters within Project Mugetsu.