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Roblox Legends of Speed Codes (March 2023)

Here is the list of the currently working Roblox Legends of Speed codes that you can redeem to get free gems, steps and more.
Roblox Legends of Speed Codes (March 2023)

If you are searching for codes for Legends of Speed Roblox you are in the right place!

Roblox is a popular platform that houses multiple mini-games, one of them being Legends of Speed, in which players run in order to gain speed and collect Orbs and go through hoops if they have enough speed. Players can also use ramps to gain speed and can spend their gems to buy crystals which might give pets out of it.

Like other Roblox games, Legends of Speed also allows players to get free in-game items by entering redeem codes, entering the redeem codes players can get free gems and steps which will help them to get going faster than others in the game.

15 March 2023 Update - We've checked for the latest 'Roblox Legends of Speed' Codes. All the most recent and active codes can be found just below.

Roblox Legends of Speed codes 

Here is the list of all the latest working codes of Legends of Speed however make sure to redeem these as soon as possible since these are valid for a limited period of time:

  • speedchampion000—Redeem for 5,000 Gems
  • racer300—Redeem for 300 Steps
  • SPRINT250—Redeem this code for 250 Steps
  • hyper250—Redeem this code for 250 Steps
  • legends500—Redeem this code for 500 Gems
  • sparkles300—Redeem this code for 300 Gems
  • Launch200—Redeem this code for 200 Gems

Steps will help you to gain levels and speed whereas the gems will help you to buy pets and trails.

How To Redeem Roblox Legends of Speed Codes

Redeeming codes for speed of Legends Roblox is quite easy, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Start Roblox Legends of Speed on your device.

  2. Look for a Blue button that has ‘Codes’ written on it.

  3. Then enter the above-given codes and click on ‘Redeem’.

  4. Now press enter and you will receive the rewards.

Roblox Legends of Speed codes
Redeem Roblox Legends of Speed codes to get free rewards. (Picture: Scriptbloxian Studios)

All Expired Roblox Legends of Speed Codes

Below is a list of Roblox Legends of Speed codes that have now expired. Somewhat surprisingly some players actually Google ‘How do I use expired Roblox Legends of Speed codes?’ but sorry, once they've expired they can no longer be used.

For the sake of prosperity, below is the list of expired Roblox Legends of Speed codes:

All expired codes for Roblox Legends of Speed

Currently, there are no expired codes.

We will update this section if any codes stop working with Roblox Legends of Speed.

Check out our dedicated section for all the Active Roblox games codes, updated every month.

Featured image via Scriptbloxian Studios.