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How To Get Road Less Traveled Badge In Royale High Campus 3

Did you know there is a secret badge you can unlock in Campus 3? Here's how to get the Road Less Traveled achievement in Royale High!
How To Get Road Less Traveled Badge In Royale High Campus 3

Are you on the hunt for the most elusive badge in Royale High's Campus 3? Well, look no further! We've cracked the code, and today, we're diving deep into the enchanting world of Royale High to help you snag the Road Less Traveled badge. Let's get started, shall we?

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How To Unlock Rare Secret Badge In Royale High Campus 3

After you step into Campus 3 and select your element, you'll be met with mesmerizing wisps (or other elements based on your choice). The prompt on the screen will read: "You open your eyes to a world of unseen magic, where [Element] Wisps illuminate the path ahead of you. Should you follow them?"


While these glistening orbs beckon you to follow, there's a catch! Resist the temptation! You might feel the urge to chase these wisps, but touching even one will lock you out of the Road Less Traveled badge in Royale High forever.

Yup, it's a high-stakes game, but we're here for the challenge! Instead of trailing behind these tempting droplets, choose your own adventure. Venture around the path, NOT on it. Again, do not touch the wisps! Remember, it's called Road Less Traveled for a reason.

While it may feel like a maze, keep your wits about you. The destination is the picturesque lake. It's easy to get a little turned around, but trust in yourself and keep going! When the ground starts rumbling beneath your feet, you know you're on the right track. Once you reach the end of the path, you'll get a glorious pop-up of the "Road Less Traveled" badge. A testament to your gaming prowess!

The prompt on the screen will read: "The ground rumbles. You can feel powerful magic energy coming from deep within. It feels welcoming, outside the realm of time. And it whispers your name. Center your focus to reveal and unseal the Gateway Portal to the Enchantraverse."


If you've already been ensnared by the wisps and missed the badge on your main account, sadly, there's no going back. But if you're new or playing on an alternate account, and especially if you've read this guide before your Campus 3 adventures, consider yourself blessed!

Once you’ve settled into the rhythm of Campus 3 and have your diary, you can take a moment to bask in your achievement. Just scroll down in your Notebook and find the Road Less Traveled badge shining back at you. Wear it with pride, knowing you possess what might be the rarest badge on the campus.

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