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How To Get Secret Binah Spec in Sakura Stand

We explain how you can get the new secret spec in Sakura Stand and who the Binah character really is.
How To Get Secret Binah Spec in Sakura Stand
Project Moon

In the latest Roblox Sakura Stand update (1.6.0), the developers have unleashed a new secret spec for players to chase in the form of Binah, and if you are confused about how you can get Binah in Sakura Stand, we've got you covered.

We'll put you on the right path to unlock this exciting new spec in Sakura Stand and explain exactly who Binah is since Roland finally has a friend now. Let's leap in!

Sakura Stand Binah: How To Unlock Secret Spec

Binah secret spec sakura stand roblox how to get unlock who is character details gameplay dark alley
Binah and Roland in the Library of Ruina indie game. (Picture: Project Moon)

At the time of writing, the precise steps needed to unlock the secret Binah spec in Sakura Stand are not available.

Please note:We will endeavor to update this section as soon as the precise information becomes available. We do, however, have some tips to get you started.

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You should first reach Mastery 5 and Standless status. Then, head to the Dark Alley area and look for a dark glowing aura, making your way through the maze-like level. This should lead you to a quest chain to actually unlock Binah, but we'll confirm the details as soon as they become available. 

Who is Binah in Sakura Stand?

Apart from being the latest secret Spec in Sakura Stand that you will really want to unlock ASAP, you might want to know who the Binah character is.

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Well, Binah said to Roland, who is also in Sakura Stand:

You bear a poison, heavy and slow... yet deadly. I know you well, even though you know nothing about me.

Binah is a character from the indie deck-building game Library of Ruina by Project Moon. She has black hair and wears a modified Patron Librarian uniform, with a black coat and a golden trim design, which looks both fantastic and cool.

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