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How To Get Shadow Ability In A Universal Time (AUT)

Shadow ability is added to Roblox A Universal Time (AUT) summer update. Here is how to get it.
How To Get Shadow Ability In A Universal Time (AUT)
Picture: Universe Time Studio/GINX

Roblox A Universal Time summer update 3.6 has brought a ton of new stuff to the game including new bosses, abilities, NPCs, and more. Among these, Shadow is one of the new Legendary abilities released and you cannot obtain it through Gacha.

You will have to follow a few steps to unlock Shadow ability in Roblox AUT and we have explained them below.

A Universal Time Shadow Ability Obtainment Method

Go to Goku's house
Go to Goku's house. (Picture: GINX)

First of all, you will have have to reach Level 200 in the game and then, go down the road on the right side of the guide. Once you reach The Port, keep going forward on the water and you will see a red colored house i.e. Goku's house. 

Talk to EpicNitronX302 behind Goku's house
Talk to EpicNitronX302 behind Goku's house. (Picture: GINX)

Go to the back side of the house and you will find an NPC named EpicNitronX302 there. Talk to him and he will give you a quest called Nitron's Trial that will task you to defeat the following bosses using Standless only:

  • The Oni  
  • Minos Prime
  • The Bearer 
  • Dio
  • Josuke Higashikata
  • The Knight
  • Diavolo
  • The Honored One
  • Umbra
Complete Nitron's Trial quest
Complete Nitron's Trial quest. (Picture: Strife28)

After completing the questline, go back to the NPC and talk to him again to get Nitron's Request quest, in which you will have to complete the following tasks:

  • Defeat Whitebeard and return his Bisento to Nitron
  • Defeat Prisoner
Complete Nitron's Request quest
Complete Nitron's Request quest. (Picture: Strife28)

You will find Prisoners at the back of the Joestar Mansion. Apart from this, you will have to deal atleast 15% damage to the raid boss Whitebeard that you can find at Marineford and there's a chance that it will drop Bisento item. After that, return to the NPC again and talk to him.

Next, you will get the Resurrection quest in which you will have to do the following:

  • Consume the Kinetic Gemstone
  • Consume the Pheonix Gemstone
  • Consume the Monochromatic Gemstone
  • Consume the Draconic Gemstone
  • Consume the Soul Gemstone
Complete Resurrection quest
Complete Resurrection quest. (Picture: Strife28)

You can do this by talking to the NPC Z4 behind the colosseum and exchange Locke, Dawn, Xeno, Dragon Knight, and Reaper abilities for the above listed Gemstones to consume them.

Get Gemstones by exchanging abilities with Z4 NPC
Get Gemstones by exchanging abilities with Z4 NPC. (Picture: Strife28)

Talk to EpicNitronX302 again and then go to the Boss Spawner to spawn Cid Kagenou (Shadow) and you will have to defeat him.

Defeat Cid Kagenou (Shadow)
Defeat Cid Kagenou (Shadow). (Picture: Strife28)

After dying, he will drop Slime Energy Mythical item for you and use will have to use it to get Shadow ability.