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How To Get Joust Glove In Slap Battles: Stand Your Ground Badge

Learn how to unlock the Stand Your Grand badge in Slap Battles to obtain the coveted Joust Glove!
How To Get Joust Glove In Slap Battles: Stand Your Ground Badge
YouTube / Premiumsalad

Want to know how to get the Joust Glove in Slap Battles? You've landed in the right spot! To get your hands on this brand-new Glove, you'll need to unlock the "Stand Your Ground" badge. The good news? Obtaining this badge isn't too challenging!

Our guide is here to walk you through the steps to acquire the Joust Glove in Slap Battles, helping you overcome any challenges along the way. Ready to start? Let's dive in!

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How Do I Unlock The Joust Glove In Slap Battles?

To unlock the Joust Glove in Slap Battles, you must unlock the "Stand Your Ground" badge. Now, head to the Normal Arena with the Parry Glove (costs 29,000 slaps) equipped and look for another Roblox player with the Joust Glove.

When you find them, ask them to activate the "Joust" ability and then use the Parry Glove's ability to stop the horse from charging. If you've done this correctly, you'll unlock the Joust Glove for yourself in Slap Battles.

joust glove ability slap battles

What Does The Joust Glove Do In Slap Battles?

The Joust Glove summons a horse called "Juan" in Slap Battles, which grants you bonus speed for quick escapes and a lance for combat. It's especially useful for knocking back players and even gives you a brief moment of invincibility when mounting!

However, use the Joust Glove in Slap Battles wisely – the controls can be slippery, and there's a long cool-down period to consider. Also, it's possible for you to be knocked off Juan, and you'll need to constantly activate the ability to stay on.

  • Power: 50
  • Speed: 16
  • Ability: Juan ("E")

joust glove slap battles

Note: There are two types of lances that you can use while mounted on Juan. The one is red and the other is white—both versions are purely cosmetic. There is no difference in power or functionality.

And that's everything you need to know about how to get the Joust Glove in Slap Battles and unlock the Stand Your Ground badge. This is the second Glove to have an animal as one of its abilities.

Featured images are courtesy of YouTube / Premiumsalad.