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How To Get Titan Glove In Slap Battles

Want to know how to unlock the Titan Glove in Slap Battles? Find out everything to know about this VIP Glove right here!
How To Get Titan Glove In Slap Battles
Roblox via YouTube / DV Plays

Ready to unlock the Titan Glove in Slap Battles? Good news! Strap in and prepare for a colossal adventure because this latest addition isn't just any glove—it's a game-changer that transforms you into a towering Titan, perfect for dominating the battlefield in style!

While other gloves like the Recall Glove and Alchemist Glove have their own complexities, the Titan Glove in Slap Battles stands out with its unique VIP-only status. Curious about how to get your hands on this mighty glove? Let's jump right into the details!

How To Unlock Titan Glove In Slap Battles Roblox

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To unlock the Titan Glove in Slap Battles, you must subscribe to the VIP Club, which costs $2.99 USD per month. Note that you must be 18+ and have a debit or credit card to subscribe, which means you might need to ask your parents or guardian to subscribe for you!

The Titan Glove looks like it is covered in muscle—which should not be a surprise, given that it's based on the Colossal Titan from the popular manga-anime series Attack on Titan. The glove's tooltip reads: "The paths… I do what must be done…"

VIP Membership Perks

The VIP Club membership not only unlocks the Titan Glove but also offers several perks:

  • Slap Gifting: Allows players to gift up to 100 slaps per day to a single player, with a total limit of 500 slaps.
  • Chat Tag: Adds a VIP tag to the player's chat messages.
  • Slap Hit Effects: These are cosmetic effects that make slaps visually distinctive.
  • Double Slaps: This perk doubles the number of slaps players receive from each hit.
  • Passive Gain: Players can passively gain 300 slaps per hour just by being in the game.

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What Does The Titan Glove Do In Slap Battles?

The Titan Glove boasts a power rating of 52 and a speed of 15. Its special ability, Large Shenanigans, transforms you into a massive Titan-like figure, drawing inspiration from the Attack on Titan theme.

This transformation is powerful but has a limited duration, which decreases when the player is hit. It also has a stomp ability with massive kickback, launching opponents far away, meaning that the Titan Glove technically has two abilities.

slap battles titan ability

Fun fact: The Titan Glove was meant to be released alongside Jester but was delayed because one of the developers did not finish the Glove in time.

Some interesting perks are that the Titan Glove has resistance to certain glove abilities like Tableflip and Bull. Beyond this, the glove also has fantastic range and won't trigger Parry, Counter, and Jebaited. However, its large size and long ability cooldown can make you an easy target.

We want to extend a special thank you to YouTuber Bilify for their breakdown on how to unlock the new Titan Glove in Slap Battles. If you need a visual guide, subscribe to their channel and check out the tutorial below. Happy slapping!