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How To get Soccer Car in Adopt Me

We explain how you can get the Soccer Car in Roblox Adopt Me, an awesome new that pairs perfectly with the Soccer Stadium house.
How To get Soccer Car in Adopt Me
Uplift Games

Display your football (soccer) fandom on Adoption Island with the brand-new vehicle, the Soccer Car. Yes, Roblox Adopt Me is getting the Soccer Car vehicle alongside the Soccer Stadium house in celebration of the Euro 2024.

Take a seat, Adopt Me players, as we'll explain how and when you can quickly and easily get the new Soccer Car vehicle!

Adopt Me Soccer Car: How To Get & Price

Adopt Me Roblox soccer car how to get new vehicle
Just look at this awesome new vehicle in Adopt Me and tell me you don't want it...I'll wait. (Picture: Uplift Games)

If you have some Bucks (not Robux, just regular in-game Bucks) lying around, then you are in luck. The Soccer Car in Adopt Me can be purchased via the in-game store for 1,500 Bucks, and it is, in my opinion, definitely worth the asking price. If you are short, you can always purchase Bucks with Robux!

As you can see from the image above, the Soccer Car is a grass-green vehicle with a corner flag as an antenna, soccer balls as wheels, and even some room for a friend to join you for a ride. 

The update also includes a furniture pack that makes setting up a home gym easy, perfect for your Soccer Stadium.

If you need any more convincing to get hyped for the Soccer Car in Adopt Me, check out the official Soccer Update trailer below, showcasing both the Stadium house and the new vehicle in action.

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