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Tower Heroes Egg Locations (Easter 2024 Event)

Need help finding all the Eggs in the Tower Heroes Easter 2024 Event? Say no more—we've got you covered!
Tower Heroes Egg Locations (Easter 2024 Event)

Looking for all the Egg locations in Tower Heroes? You're not alone! The Easter 2024 Event has returned for a fifth time and includes a ton of exciting content, including the return of Eggland, Gleaming Garden, Disaster Hotel, and two exclusive limited UGC items!

But where are they located? Well—that's where we come in! This guide will detail how to find all Egg locations in the Tower Heroes Easter 2024 Event! We've done all the heavy lifting to make finding these elusive Eggs a breeze! So what are you waiting for? Let the hunt begin!

How To Find All Egg Locations In Tower Heroes Easter 2024 Event

You must find twenty-five Eggs during the Tower Heroes: Easter 2024 Event. These Eggs are hidden in various locations in the game. Here are all the known Egg locations:

Egg How to Obtain
1. Chef Egg This Egg spawns randomly in the Lobby. It's not particularly difficult to find.
2. Coin Egg You can buy this Egg for 150 Coins at the Shop in the Lobby.
3. Egg of The Sky Go to the Fan Art section of the Lobby and play the "Balloon Game" minigame. Reach the end of the minigame to unlock the Egg. You don't need to collect balloons—you only need to get to the end.
4. Slime King Egg To get the Slime King Egg, you must complete all 25 waves in Castle Town using just the Slime King Tower. We suggest doing this Solo on Easy Mode. If there are other players, they must only use Slime King!
5. Eggboi Sugar Egg A player with the Eggboi Sugar Egg Morph drops this Egg. Just look for someone and ask them to throw it for you.
6. Pixel Egg This Egg is dropped by any player with the Pixel Egg Launcher Morph game pass. Just look for someone and ask them to throw it for you.
7. Rock Egg Equip a smaller Morph, such as Figure from DOORS. Now, go to the Obby section of the Lobby and crawl through the air vent. Grab the Googly Eye. Open your Inventory's "Stickers" menu and equip it to one of your Sticker slots. Then, go to Desolate Desert with a friend (they must also have the Googly Eye). Both of you must use the Sticker next to the big rock that appears and make it explode.
8. Lonely Egg To get this Egg in Tower Heroes, do not place any Tower for the first four waves of a game. It will spawn on wave five, after which you must place your Towers and attempt to destroy the Lonely Egg to unlock it. It only has 200 HP, so it should be quite easy.
9. Egg of Close Calls This Egg will spawn when your Defense Points reach 10 HP (or less). Like the previous Egg, use your Towers to try and destroy it. The Egg of Close Calls has 1,000 HP and 7 Shields, so it's a little trickier to beat.
10. Captured Egg This Egg drops after you kill Cap or Rowdy. You'll find them on the Corporate Chaos map. Pick up the Egg once it drops to claim it.
11. Nuki Egg You can get this Egg if a Nuki Tower is placed during a match (it doesn't matter who places it). The Tower has a random chance to throw out the Egg whenever it attacks. The more Nuki Towers are placed, the higher the chance it will drop an Egg.
12. Taco Egg Start a match and place the Spectre Tower. Now, enter the song ID 142376088 (Raining Tacos). The Taco Egg will spawn with 250 HP, and you must defeat it to unlock it. Note that you'll need the Custom Music game pass.
13. Noob Inside Egg Win a match with any player that is Level 10 or lower. The player must be your teammate.
14. Tidal Egg This Egg spawns randomly on the Tidal Takeover map. The drop chance is roughly 1% per wave.
15. Ghostly Egg Defeat 50 Ghosts on Frantic Forest. Otherwise, you can use the Ghost Invasion Modifier to turn enemies into Ghosts. After defeating the ghosts, the Ghostly Egg will spawn with 5,000 HP. Destroy it to claim the Egg.
16. Jester Egg A Jester Tower has a random chance to spawn the Egg whenever it attacks. The more Towers you or your team place, the greater the chance of it appearing. Destroy it to claim the Egg.
17. Molly Egg Find a match on Metaverse Madness and beat Cule on Wave 25. It will drop a Molly Egg once you defeat it.
18. Figure Egg You can get this Egg by finding and clicking on the eight glowing books on The Library. It would be best to do this map Solo (we suggest Easy Mode). Next, use the paper on the desk to determine the five-digit code. The symbols will tell you the order of the numbers. Once you've figured out the code, enter it into the chat. The code is different for everyone.
19. Wastelands Egg Equip a Morph that can roll (like Snowman or Street Sentry). Now, go to Aftermath and stand on the ball. Then, roll the ball to reveal the Wastelands Egg.
20. Body Swap Egg Start Battle Mode on any map with a friend.  Use the Move Hero sabotage, and the Body Swap Egg will spawn. It has 1,800 HP, and you must defeat it to claim it.
21. Eggshroom There's a 1% chance of this Egg replacing a Shroom. Defeat it to claim it (it only has 100 HP). We suggest playing on Disaster Hotel.
22. Treasured Egg This Egg is located under the water on Pirate Panic. Start a solo match and then walk on the water when the rounds start. Use the Lighthouse to determine if you are close to the Egg or not (the more flickering, the closer you are). When it stops flickering, stand still, and the Egg will spawn.
23. Power Egg Start a game on Abandoned Alleyway and look for the Egg on the rooftop. Now, place Level 2 Byte or Volt Towers next to the Egg and wait for it to power up. You will get the Egg once it's fully charged.
24. Blooming Egg Start a game on Gleaming Garden and go to the Egg. It will spawn at a random location on the map. Next, water it with the Level 1 Soda Pop Tower. Keep doing this until it blossoms to claim the Egg.
25. Hunters Egg Of Champions Collect all the other Eggs and then rejoin the game.

tower heroes easter egg locations 2024

What Rewards Will You Get In The Tower Heroes Easter 2024 Event?

You can earn two rewards for participating in the Tower Heroes Easter 2024 Event:

  • Hunters Egg of Champions: You can earn this exclusive UGC item by finding all the hidden Eggs in Tower Heroes. Only 10,000 of these are in stock, and they are not tradeable. Edit: Unfortunately, they have all been claimed!
  • Figure Egg: You can earn this exclusive UGC item for finding the Figure Egg in Tower Heroes. Only 100,000 of these are in stock, and they are not tradeable. There are still plenty of these left!

And that's pretty much it! Now you know exactly how to find all the Eggs in the Tower Heroes Easter 2024 Event. We want to extend a special thank you to YouTuber Premiumsalad for helping to locate all the Egg locations. For a visual walkthrough, check out the video below—and subscribe if you haven't already!