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How To Become A Soul Reaper In TYPE SOUL - Kisuke Location

Looking for Kisuke's location? This guide details how to become a Soul Reaper in TYPE SOUL, with and without Purification!
How To Become A Soul Reaper In TYPE SOUL - Kisuke Location

Do you want to know how to become a Soul Reaper in TYPE SOUL? You're in the right place! Get ready to plunge into this Bleach-inspired Roblox anime game because this guide will detail all the steps required to embrace your role as a Shinigami and to rid the world of the dreaded Hollows.

But where do you start? Whether you're searching for Kisuke's location in TYPE SOUL or want to know the basics of becoming a Soul Reaper, we've got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Zanpakutō and unleash your power against the Hollows and your foes.

How To Become A Soul Reaper In TYPE SOUL


There are two ways to transform into a Soul Reaper in TYPE SOUL. The first method is with Purification and the other without it. But in both scenarios, your human character must die first. Don't worry; it's all part of the journey.

In the beginning, you'll spawn as a human. However, if your destiny is to become a Shinigami, then your character's death is inevitable, whether at the hands of another player or by a Hollow attack. It's an essential part of your transformation journey.

With Purification

To become a Soul Reaper in TYPE SOUL via Purification, you'll need the assistance of an existing Soul Reaper. Look around for another player from the Soul Reaper faction to Purify you. Once you locate a fellow Soul Reaper, they can transform you into one by pressing 'P.'

Without Purification

Can't find a Soul Reaper? No worries! You can still transform by finding Kisuke, who is quite elusive in TYPE SOUL. It may take some patience, but the next section will help you find Kisuke's location in the game.

Where To Find Kisuke In TYPE SOUL

kisuke location roblox type soul

Kisuke is found in a special garden area. To find him, you must look for a tunnel near the main village, which is secluded from the city. Here's how to reach him:

  1. Start at the main bridge, heading straight to the distant village located opposite the white buildings across the river.
  2. Once you've reached the village, search for a white tunnel on either end of your screen.
  3. Navigate through the tunnel, and you'll soon find yourself in a lush garden area.
  4. Kisuke waits on a platform to the left just as you exit the tunnel.

And that's everything you need to know about becoming a Soul Reaper in TYPE SOUL. If our explanation of Kisuke's location was a bit confusing, you could watch this video by YouTuber XORIFY for a visual walkthrough on finding him.