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Best Roblox Anime Games To Play In 2022

Here's our list of the best anime Roblox games to play in 2022, including those based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, and more!
Best Roblox Anime Games To Play In 2022

Roblox is an expansive virtual universe that lets you create anything you can imagine. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the game's plethora of customization options, including the ability for players to craft unique avatar outfits and explore millions of different games and genres.

For example, in a previous guide, we highlighted some of the best Roblox scary horror games to play. But in this guide, we'll switch gears and cast the spotlight on some of the best anime games you can play on Roblox. Whether it's a destruction or PvP simulator, we hope this guide has something for everyone.

Roblox - Top 10 Best Anime Games To Play In 2022

The game titles indicated below are ranked in no particular order. Also, it's worth noting that this list of the best anime games to play in Roblox reflects the author's opinions.

Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven

roblox best anime games list Jojo Crusaders’ Heaven jojos bizarre adventure
Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven by OvaHeaven. (Picture: Roblox)

Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven is what you need if you want to become a Stand user. This Roblox anime game always has new features and updates readily available. You’ll start by picking your preferred Stand user and battle using this character against other players to prove who has the best Stand.

Anime Worlds Simulator

best roblox anime games 2022 Anime Worlds Simulator
Anime Worlds Simulator by Macaw Games. (Picture: Roblox)

In this Roblox game, you’ll be able to traverse different anime-inspired planets, unlocking powerful fighters along the way. You’ll mostly be collecting fruits to feed your orbs; continue leveling up your character, and use these orbs to attract recruits. Anime Worlds Simulator will have you leveling up these recruits, unlocking new planets as you progress through the game.

Anime Fighters Simulator

anime fighters sim anime games to play on roblox 2022
Anime Fighters Simulator by Sulley. (Picture: Roblox)

In this Roblox simulator, you’ll spend most of your time leveling up your character in a dojo before you engage in PvP tournaments. You can do this by unlocking different avatars and unique methods or purchasing special packs containing items that enable you to improve your performance. 

Anime Dimensions Simulator

best roblox anime games Anime Dimensions Simulator
Anime Dimensions Simulator by Albatross Games. (Picture: Roblox)

Anime Dimensions Simulator lets you design your own character, traversing and battling various anime characters from multiple worlds. You will unlock new dimensions and level up your character using cards, taking on different enemies in combat. A bonus feature is the ability to build a unique library of characters, which you can cross-pollinate between anime dimensions.

Anime Destruction Simulator 

Anime Destruction Simulator
Anime Destruction Simulator by Breaking Block. (Picture: Roblox)

If you're looking for all types of chaos and destruction, this anime Roblox game is the one for you. The primary objective of this game is to destroy your surroundings, level up your character, and explore new zones of chaos. As you break down the game's map, you'll receive in-game currency that you can use to level up your character and boost their destructive capabilities.

Anime Mania

best anime games roblox Anime Mania
Anime Mania by Anime Legends Studios. (Picture: Roblox)

Anime Mania is another popular Roblox anime game that combines battle and tower defense games. You can play solo or in a team, clearing anime-themed waves and leveling up your character to do more damage.

You will have three slots to equip three characters before joining your first raid. These are some of the characters available in Anime Mania: Naturo, Bleach, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, and more!

Untitled Attack on Titan

Untitled Attack on Titan roblox anime game 2022
Untitled Attack on Titan by Headless and Mid. (Picture: Roblox)

Untitled Attack on Titan transport Roblox players into the world of acclaimed anime, Attack on Titan, where massive giants roam the town in pursuit of humans to devour. The game follows the same premise as the anime: to protect the town from man-eating Titans. In doing so, you’ll level up your character to become the best Titan killer in the game.

My Hero Mania 

My Hero Mania roblox
My Hero Mania by My Hero Mania. (Picture: Roblox)

Enter the world of My Hero Academia, where each individual has a unique superpower called “Quirks.” These could be mundane powers like Telekinesis or superpowers like Nitroglycerin. In this Roblox anime game, your character is born with a Quirk that cancels others. You’ll spawn randomly, and depending on your game choices; you will become a villain or a hero.

Blox Fruit 

best anime games roblox Blox Fruit
Blox Fruit by Gamer Robot Inc. (Picture: Roblox)

This anime Roblox game takes after the massively popular manga One Piece. The objective of Blox Fruit is to sail across the Grand Line in search of the One Piece. There are two classes you can choose from, Blox Fruit or Swordsman. These classes have balanced power stats, and it's up to you to decide if you want mythical fruit-based abilities or to level up your Swordsman class and obtain more equipment.

Reaper 2

reaper 2 roblox anime game
Reaper 2 by Iconic Anime Productions. (Picture: Roblox)

Based on the popular anime and manga series Bleach, this Reaper 2 allows you to decide if you want to become a Shinigami or Hollow. If you choose to play as a Shinigami, you’ll hunt and defeat Hollows to level up. You’ll then use these levels to invest in skill points, making you stronger. Reaper 2 is a strategic game where you’ll not only be fighting computer-generated enemies but other Roblox players as well.

And that's all. If you're interested in discovering even more awesome anime games to play on Roblox, check out the video by Roblox Health below.

Alternatively, you can watch the video below, highlighting even more fun Roblox anime games to play with your friends.

We want to thank the YouTuber Roblox Health and Roblox Giant for their cover of the best Roblox Anime Games. Please consider subscribing to their channel and checking out the video embedded above for more epic content.

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All featured images are courtesy of YouTube /  Roblox Health and Roblox Giant or Roblox.