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How To Fix Roblox Voice Chat Not Working On PlayStation

Struggling to get voice and text chat working? Find the solution to your Roblox Chat issues on PlayStation in our guide.
How To Fix Roblox Voice Chat Not Working On PlayStation

Are you trying to get Roblox Chat working on PlayStation? You're not alone. With millions of thrilling new experiences finally accessible to players on PS4 and PS5, it's only natural that gamers might want to communicate with their friends and fellow players.

However, eager PlayStation users have been hit with a problem: there is no chat box or voice communication option, which has compelled many to search for how to fix the Roblox Chat not working on PlayStation. And that's where we come in — find out everything to know right here!

Is Roblox Chat On PlayStation 4|5?

No, Roblox Chat is not currently available on the PlayStation 4 and 5 or Xbox consoles. This means you cannot talk to your friends using the native voice or text communication facility.

According to the Roblox developers, "Chat with voice, platform text chat, and in-experience text chat are not yet supported on PlayStation or Xbox." This issue might be linked to restrictions imposed by Sony or Microsoft.

Unfortunately, there's no telling when Roblox Chat with voice or text will become available for PlayStation and Xbox users. However, it is something that the developers are actively working on.

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Roblox Chat Not Working On PlayStation 4|5 Solution

While the native in-game chat won’t work on Roblox for PlayStation, players can still communicate with each other using third-party applications, such as PlayStation's built-in party system or Discord. Here are the steps for both alternatives:


  • Download the Discord app from the PlayStation Store.
  • Create a new server or join an existing one to communicate with your friends.
  • Share the invite link with friends so they can join the server.
  • Join a voice channel to start communicating with friends while playing Roblox.

PlayStation Party

  • Open the Control Center by pressing the PS button.
  • Select Game Base.
  • Go to the Friends tab and select the friend you want to voice chat with.
  • Select Party

Following these steps will create a party allowing you and your friend to voice chat while playing Roblox. Parties you can join are listed under the "Joinable" tab under the Game Base menu.

And that's all. As you can see, using the Roblox Chat audio or text feature on PlayStation is not possible. However, the two workarounds to this issue are using PlayStation Party for players on the same platform or utilizing Discord to communicate with friends on different platforms.