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When is Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 Coming Out?

Here's when we think Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 will release.
When is Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 Coming Out?
(Picture: Roblox)

Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 is the highly-anticipated next chapter of Rainbow Friends, the popular Roblox horror game. Chapters 1 and 2 have drawn in many players, and explained some of the lore behind the series - but there's still a lot more to learn about Odd World and the eerie characters that live there. So when is Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 coming out? We'll delve into the answer to that question here.

When is Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 Coming Out?

For now, Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 hasn't been officially announced by the game's creators. That means there's no release date set in stone for Rainbow Friends Chapter 3, nor is it even confirmed that it's in development. This might sound a little disappointing, but thankfully, there's lots of hope for Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 coming out in the future.

There are still many unanswered questions in the Rainbow Friends universe, leading many players to believe that a third Chapter might be coming out sometime in the relatively near future. A whiteboard in Chapter 2 also hinted that there will be a "light show" in Chapter 3. Many speculate that the game's third chapter will come out at some stage in 2024. But barring this, we think it's possible the creators release something by mid-2025, but again, this isn't confirmed and is merely our opinion.

rainbow friends pink character
Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 may add the games unused pink monster.

In the meantime, many fans of the game have created their own playable versions of Chapter 3, delving further into Rainbow Friends' lore and allowing other fans to do the same. While these versions of Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 aren't official, they showcase the community's desire for a bona fide Chapter 3, and provide some insight as to what fans would like to see in the next release. It's very likely that Chapter 3 would expand upon the bits of lore explained in the first two chapters, and could even introduce new characters and gameplay elements.

Notably, there's a pink character that has been seen and mentioned outside of the game, but has never appeared in it. It's very possible that this mysterious pink character could play a role in Rainbow Friends Chapter 3. For now, though, players will just have to wait and see what happens and whether the game's developers choose to expand upon the series they've created.