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Rogue Company developers reveal rank system and levels

Rogue company is entering a beta phase for Ranked Play soon and the developers have shown off the levels within the system.
Rogue Company developers reveal rank system and levels

The new third-person tactical shooter Rogue Company, developed by Hi-Rez Studios, is off to a modest start. Currently in beta, the free-to-play title has seen decent success over the past month. Various streamers have been enjoying the strategic play and DrDisrespect even has his own map, skin, and dance within the game. 

However, one thing that the community has been craving from Hi-Rez is a Ranked mode. Rogue Company is designed to be competitive and so far, all we've seen is casual play. Well, that's about to change, as the lead designer for the game, Scott Gandhi, recently tweeted out the levels for the Ranked system. 

Ranked Mode coming to Rogue Company soon 

A Ranked mode has been expected from Rogue Company for some time but now we have official confirmation of its arrival. Gandhi stated that it will arrive in beta form in the game's next update. When that update is scheduled to arrive has not been discloses, though.  

ranked rogue company

As you can see from the image, Rogue Company will feature a Ranked system similar to other big multiplayer titles. There will be a set number of ranks and each rank will come with its own icon that you can show off on your profile.

The ranks are as follows:

  • Bronze: Level 1-4
  • Silver: 5-9
  • Gold: 10-14
  • Platinum: 15-19
  • Diamond: 20-24
  • Master: 25-29
  • Rogue: 30

If you play Call of Duty, Valorant, or CS:GO, this ranking system will look very familiar. You will likely play a number of placement matches to earn your first rank then with every match after that, you either move up or down on the ladder depending on your performance. 

rogue company

The developers haven't gone into detail about what will affect your rank. However, that information should be available closer to the Ranked mode's launch. Although, Scott Gandhi did state that the mode will feature stricter rules than the casual playlists when it comes to matchmaking.

The next update for Rogue Company should arrive in the next week or two but we'll be sure to let you know of an exact date when it becomes public.