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Techland employees claim Dying Light 2 is a total mess

An article in Polish magazine has suggested the state of Dying Light 2 development can be described as a chaotic and full of confrontation, which stems from the conflict of vision between Chris Avellone and developers at Techland.
Techland employees claim Dying Light 2 is a total mess
For a Polish studio Techland, Dying Light 2 looked to be the kind of smash hit to finally put them on the top of the European gaming industry as an acclaimed game developer, head to head with their countryman from CD Projekt RED.

And things sure looked that way for a while.

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Gameplay they've shown looked amazing and innovative. A post-apocalyptic Europe as a setting is refreshing, after all those American wastelands we're seeing in all post-apocalyptic games. 

And the story looked to be in good hands because studio hired legendary video game writer Chris Avellone, acclaimed for his work on games like KOTOR 2, Fallout New Vegas, and Pillars of Eternity.


But yesterday, Polish gaming website Polski Gamedev published an article which tells a different story, a much more depressing one. They have talked to several developers from the studio, and we find out that the situation might be described as a total mess, something that has fallen into complete disarray.

The main problem seems to be that Chris Avellone was hired because managers didn't like the original story. And then Avellone wrote another story, with completely new factions, characters and general lore, but creative leads from studio think that Avellone has missed the point because he was writing like he is doing another New Vegas type of the RPG, which Dying Light 2 isn't. 

And so they've started changing and simplifying things in order to be more in line with an action-adventure type of the game they're aiming to make. Little by little, the game's narrative design lost any resemblance of cohesion and consistency since people were changing things left and right.


All that is only one part of the problems. Developers in the article further claim more than 50 people quit their jobs because of the "toxic atmosphere" and "bad management".

Soon after this article has been published, Ola Sondej, PR manager at Techland, responded via Twitter, saying that "everything is fin" and that the game is "in good shape and in good hands". She has also dismissed the rumours that Microsoft is buying the studio, stating that they are "still an independent studio".

Dying Light 2 has been delayed indefinitely, which was already a bad sign, and now with all these latest gloomy news, thing surely doesn't look bright, but we still hope for the best.