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When Will Sea Of Thieves Season 11 Come Out (2024)? - Release Date & Time

Do you want to know when the next Sea of Thieves update will come out? Learn more about the Season 11 release date in this guide.
When Will Sea Of Thieves Season 11 Come Out (2024)? - Release Date & Time

Want to know when the next Sea of Thieves update comes out? We've got you covered with our guide on the Sea of Thieves Season 11 release date. Like every new chapter, the game will receive improvements and bug fixes, new events, with pirates receiving different free cosmetic loot.

However, many pirates are eager to know when will Sea of Thieves Season 11 come out and what time the update will wash ashore. Our treasure trove of information will answer these questions and more. So, hoist the Jolly Roger and join us as we uncover more about the next patch!

Updated on 18 January 2024: We added all the detail about the new Sea of Thieves Season.

When Will Sea Of Thieves Season 11 Be Released?

Sea of Thieves Season 11 is confirmed to be released on 23 January 2024. As noted in the official content update video, "Access all the adventure you crave more quickly than ever before with Season 11's overhaul of Voyages and encounters!"

"Explore a redesigned Quest system, major expansions to most Trading Companies, shiny new loot items, and more when Season 11 puts the Sea of Thieves at your fingertips from January 23rd."

Not sure how long you still need to wait? No problem! You can simply refer to the countdown timer below to find out exactly when the Sea of Thieves Season 11 update will become available.

Season 11 of Sea of Thieves will be released in
5 days, 00:36:11

Important: Remember, Sea of Thieves server downtime will set in ahead of the new update. This downtime typically lasts several hours, and players must wait for it to conclude before joining the servers and enjoying the new content.

All New Features & Content In Sea of Thieves Season 11

Sea of Thieves Season 11 will ship with a few new content and feature updates to rejuvenate the game—some key additions include:

  • Diving Feature: This allows players to fast-travel underwater, reducing travel time and player encounters, but at the cost of losing any loot on their ship.
  • New Quest System and Trading Company Progression: The quest menu now includes a Discovery tab. Trading Companies have also been rebalanced, offering exclusive loot and the ability to level up to 100, unlocking new rewards like Distinction rings.
  • Appearance Items and Rewards: Season 11 introduces new apparel and weaponry for pirates and ships, along with 100 new levels of unlockable items.

And that's everything we know about when the next Sea of Thieves update will come out. As always, in the event of speculative information, it would be best to wait for official announcements and updates from Rare to confirm the exact release date. But don't stop there.

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