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Where To Get The Ocean Crawler Set In Sea Of Thieves

Are you feeling crabby? Maybe it's what they are wearing or wielding, as we explained how to get the Ocean Crawler set in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Get The Ocean Crawler Set In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Twitter / Sea of Thieves)

Players' pirating adventures in Sea of Thieves don't have to look dull, as they can be done in style using various cosmetic items to drip out their pirate and ship. This is achieved by acquiring ship components, decorations, vanity items, clothing pieces, and weapons, which are obtainable from Outposts and other means in-game.

The Ocean Crawler is one of many themed sets that can be obtained, and new players can get some items without spending Gold at Outposts or the General Clothing store. Turn the Sea of Thieves into their personal runaway, as we've explained in this stylish guide on how to get the Ocean Crawler set in Sea of Thieves

How To Get The Ocean Crawler Set In Sea Of Thieves?

For new players to Sea of Thieves, the Ocean Crawler set is a cosmetic-themed set based on the crab enemies players will encounter in-game. This set consists of multiple items, including clothing, equipment, ship components and decorations, vanity, and weapon items, that players can use to customize or personalize their pirate and ship.

Pre-order the Deluxe or Premium Editions of Sea of Thieves to get selected items from the Ocean Crawler set available in-game. (Picture: Rare)

The Ocean Crawler set was first introduced in-game in the Anniversary update released in April 2019. There is a variation of the Ocean Crawler set, the Deep Ocean Crawler set, which swaps its original color palette for pink and purple, which can be acquired from the Black Market.

To obtain the items from this set, most of the themed items can be purchased from all Outposts across the Sea of Thieves using Gold except the Beard and Hair vanity options available at Athena's Fortune Hideout. Some vanity items require the Pirate Legend and Hunter of Wreckers titles and specific Commendations for the ship components to be unlocked.

Luckily, there is another way to acquire some items: the Cutlass, Dress, Hat, Hook, Jacket, Pistol, Shovel, and Trousers from the Ocean Crawler set in-game. Players who've pre-ordered the Deluxe or Premium Editions for their preferred platform can acquire these Ocean Crawler-themed items at launch before equipping them.

For the clothing pieces, they can locate the Clothing Chests aboard their ship or outside the General Clothing store before interacting with the chest to change or equip new items. The weapons can be done similarly by finding the Armory cabinet on their ship before scrolling through the tabs and selecting the highlighted weapons to bind them to their pirate.