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Where To Get The Ruby Viper Weapons In Sea Of Thieves

Players' adventures across the Sea of Thieves can be done in style with the Ruby Viper weapon set. Here's how to get them in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Get The Ruby Viper Weapons In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

Developer Rare recently held a Closed Beta period for their high-sea action-adventure game Sea of Thieves in April 2024, exclusively on PlayStation 5 consoles. The previous Xbox-exclusive game is one of a few titles charting its course away from the Xbox ecosystem into new territory, as the game will soon be docking onto PlayStation 5 consoles.

The game's Season 12 update will include plenty of new content, including new rewards for PlayStation 5 owners, like the Ruby Viper set. We've consulted the lucky scroll to help players learn how to get the Ruby Viper set and become more like pirates in Sea of Thieves.

How To Get The Ruby Viper Weapons In Sea Of Thieves?

The Ruby Viper set is a brand new cosmetic set that will arrive at the action-adventure game Sea of Thieves for its upcoming season, launching on 30th April 2024. This cosmetic set features four uniquely designed weapons, colored red, black, and grey, which players can obtain by pre-ordering any game edition for PlayStation 5 consoles.

The Ruby Viper set consists of four different weapons: the Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Eye of Reach, and Pistol. Players will be able to use them in-game once the game launches on 30th April 2024 for PlayStation 5, which coincides with the game's Season 12 release.

The Ruby Viper set is a new cosmetic set that can be unlocked as a platform-exclusive reward for PlayStation 5 consoles. (Picture: Sea of Thieves / YouTube)

Players looking to acquire this newly arriving weapon set must pre-order any edition of Sea of Thieves, as the Ruby Viper set is a platform-exclusive reward for PS5 players. Unfortunately, those on Xbox consoles and PC won't be able to acquire this set for the time being; however, the developer has mentioned in one of their developer posts that more details on the game editions and other content will be revealed "later."

To locate the Ruby Viper weapon set in-game, players must change their weapons, which can be done from the Armory. The Armory is a weapons cabinet found in multiple locations, including an Outpost's gun vendor and the front of the middle-deck galleons.

Interact with the Armoru cabinet using the corresponding buttons and begin browsing through the various weapon tabs to find any of the Ruby Viper weapons. Use the analog stick to scroll and highlight the weapon they wish to swap out for before equipping it to a slot, and they'll be able to use the weapon to fend against enemy players or terrifying enemies to get that precious Treasure Chest.