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Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves Fury of the Damned event guide: Start and end dates, challenges, rewards and more

A new seasonal event, Fury of the Damned, has arrived in Sea of Thieves, in which pirates will take on scores of undead buccaneers, collecting Bilge Rat Favour and a special spooky reward upon completion of the event.
The Halloween season has descended on the open seas as Sea of Thieves have made the art of pirating more treacherous and terrifying. Their latest seasonal event, Fury of the Damned, is a celebration of the in-game holiday known as the Festival of the Damned.

A four-week-long event, coordinated by Larinna and the Bilge Rats, pirates who participate in this sacred holiday will earn spooktacular rewards, including cosmetics which can be unlocked by earning enough Favour. This hair-raising event guide will detail everything you need to know about the seasonal event, challenges, rewards and plenty more.

What is the Fury of the Damned seasonal event?

This Halloween-themed event is sectioned into two sets of challenges in which pirates will need to participate to earn Favour and rewards. Repeatable Challenges will have you completing a series of challenges for Favour which can be redeemed for cosmetics.



The Community Spirit Challenges is a global community event where pirates band together to eliminate the undead across the Sea of Thieves for a bonus reward. The Fury of the Damned event runs from 7th October until 4th November 2021.

Fury of the Damned: Repeatable and Community Spirit Challenges

Repeatable Challenges are split up into three stages with a combined amount of 14 challenges to complete. Each bearing its unique set of objectives, pirates can choose whichever set of challenges to participate in to earn Favour.

Complete the challenges in the Fury of the Damned event to earn rewards and Favour. (Picture: Rare)

The best part is that these challenges can be replayed as many times to collect Favour. The three stages of Repeatable Challenges are as follows:

  • Flames of the Damned: centred around the Flames of Fate
  • Ships of the Damned: centred on eliminating sea-based enemies
  • Armies of the Damned: centred on eliminating land-based enemies

With the Repeatable Challenges, there will be two global community challenges, known as Community Spirit Challenges, for pirates to participate in. Pirates can work together to eliminate a targeted amount of skeletons which will unlock event-themed cosmetics.

Team up with other pirates to eliminate as many skeletons possible in the Comunity Spirit Challenges. (Picture: Rare)

If pirates have met the challenge requirement, eliminating 50,000,000 skeletons, all participants will be rewarded with the Wicked Web Figurehead. Furthermore, if they exceed the target by eliminating 150,000,000 skeletons, the Wicked Web Collector’s Figurehead will be rewarded to all participants.

To enter the challenge and be eligible for the rewards, pirates will at least eliminate 10 skeletons during the Community Spirit Challenges.

Fury of the Damned: Earning Bonus Favour

Pirates can earn bonus Favour whilst in an alliance. Instead of earning 10 Favour for sinking a ship, pirates will earn 20 Favour when in an alliance.

As pirates will be able to pick whichever challenge to complete throughout the event, there will be an additional opportunity for more Favour to be earned. This is dependant on which challenges you’re participating in as each set of challenges will come with a bonus objective, earning double Favour. Complete any challenge in the set for double the Favour.

Keep an eye out for the Favour multiplayer to earn double the favour within a Challenge. (Picture: Rare)

For the Flames of the Damned challenge, for every Shadow of Fate eliminated, pirates, will earn twice as much Favour. The same will apply when completing the Ships of the Damned and Armies of the Damned challenges.

In the fourth and final week of the event, all three challenges will be available to complete, as you can pick any of these challenges for double Favour.

Fury of the Damned: Event Rewards

Pirates who have earned a substantial amount of Favour by completing the Repeatable Challenges will unlock the following cosmetics:

  • 500 Favour unlocks the Wicked Web Tankard
  • 1000 Favour unlocks the Wicked Web Blunderbuss
  • 2000 Favour unlocks the Wicked Web Cannons

For completing the Community Spirit Rewards, as mentioned previously, pirates will be rewarded with the Wicked Web Figurehead and the Wicked Web Collector’s Figurehead.


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Featured image courtesy of Rare.