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Sea of Thieves Siren Shrines and Treasuries guide - The Sunken Kingdom

The Sunken Kingdom awaits players in Season 4 of Sea of Thieves bringing with it Sunken Shrines and Treasuries, here is your guide to these loot-laden locations.
Sea of Thieves Siren Shrines and Treasuries guide - The Sunken Kingdom

Fans of Sea of Thieves have always been slightly apprehensive about venturing underwater, something about your ship bobbing above water while you are oblivious to its status has never sat well with them.

That could be set to change though, as Season 4 is set to introduce large bountiful areas on the sea bed, The Sunken Kingdom, a long-lost land that still has more than a few inhabitants and still has plenty to pilfer.

The Sunken Kingdom Siren Shrines Treasuries sea of thieves season 4 guide
The Sunken Kingdom's Siren Shrines and Treasuries offer plenty of opportunities to loot. (Picture: Rare)

These new areas will be in familiar locations, sandwiched between the game's landmasses, and split up into six Siren Shrines and three Siren Treasuries.

We break down both in this guide to give you an idea of what to expect.

Siren Shrines

Siren Shrines are larger areas with plenty of stuff to explore. The Siren Shrines, like the Siren Treasuries, are marked on the in-game map. 

If you don't have your map up regularly you may well see a telltale shimmer above the water, purple in colour, this alerts you to the fact that the Siren Shrines/Treasury is "active".

Siren Treasury guide
A purple shimmer can be seen above the water when a Siren location is ready to plunder. (Picture: Rare)

There are six in total, they are:

  • Shrine of Ancient Tears
  • Shrine of Tribute
  • Shrine of Ocean's Fortunes
  • Shrine of the Coral Tomb
  • Shrine of Flooded Embrace
  • Shrine of Hungering

Each shrine is totally unique and are similar to the Gold Hoarder vaults seen in the game already (just underwater). Players will have to complete puzzles, battle Sirens and Coral Skeletons and get the opportunity to learn more about the lore of Sea of Thieves.

Of course, there will also be plenty of loot on offer too.

Scattered throughout the Siren Shrines are journals from those that have previously attempted to explore these remains.

By collecting and reading every journal you will unlock The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, allowing you to purchase The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage.

Siren Treasuries

Siren Treasuries are the place you want to go if you want to do battle, they are like underwater Forts, and there are three known so far, one of them being the Treasury of Sunken Shores.

These don't need to be active in the same way the Siren Shrines do and can be entered at any time, however, only when completed after getting a message from a coral-encrusted message in a bottle, will the vault inside contain the new "Breath of the Sea" item.

Breath of the Sea Sea of Thieves
Breathe of the Sea is a very valuable item that the game's merchants are desperate to get their hands on. (Picture: Rare)

The treasuries throw wave after wave of Sirens Ocean Crawlers, and Coral Skeletons at you, so compared to do battle and you will be handsomely rewarded.For more Sea of Thieves guides, why not check out the new Season 4 Plunder Pass content.