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Sea of Thieves Season 2: Release date, Plunder Pass, info, more

The second season of Sea of Thieves is about to set sail, bringing with it loads of new content, events, and booty to earn!
Sea of Thieves Season 2: Release date, Plunder Pass, info, more

At the start of the year, almost three years since it was launched, Rare's Sea of Thieves introduced seasonal content, with Season 1 bringing a raft of new content including seasonal progression, a Plunder Pass, new events and much more.

It's exactly the sort of exclusive "you-had-to-there" content that has kept players setting sail and pillaging loot so consistently over the years and with the game set to enter a new season every couple of months it promises to keep the game feeling as fresh as some hearty grog!

And it's coming round to that time again, with Season 2 on the horizon. Here is everything you need to know, so you can command the high seas!

When is Sea of Thieves Season 2 coming out?

After Season 1 was given a two-week extension, the developers announced that Season of Thieves Season 2 will be coming out on 15th April, releasing a short teaser that doesn't give too much away.

One thing that it does reveal is the inclusion of a 'hiding in a barrel' emote, something which you can see for short time during the teaser.

Sea of thieves season 2 release date
(Picture: Rare)

What will be in Season 2?

The developers have remained tight-lipped on what new content will come ashore but there will be plenty for players to get their gold teeth into.

Expect new Trials, limited-time events, and cosmetics to earn through Season 2's Plunder Pass. There will also be the usual bounty showing up in the game's store, the Pirate Emporium.

Will there be a Plunder Pass?

Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass Season 2
(Picture: Rare)

Yes! Each new season will come with a Plunder Pass, Sea of Thieves version of the all-too-common battle pass, increase your Renown level throughout the season and unlock items, with both a free and paid track there is something for everyone.

The Plunder Pass will cost 999 Ancient Coins, around US$9.99.

All content in the Plunder Pass will later be available in the Pirate Emporium.