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Sea of Thieves: Shrine of Tribute secret journal locations

Five more Secret Journals await players in an important shrine area.
Sea of Thieves: Shrine of Tribute secret journal locations

With the arrival of Season 4 of Sea of Thieves, players have a ton of work to do if they want to earn every possible commendation. 

Easily the most popular task to take on is finding all of the Secret Journals in a given area. There are five journals in each area and players need to find each and everyone to earn the specific achievement. 

The area discussed in this article is the Shrine of Tribute, which comes with a few puzzles and the standard five journals. 

Below, players can see where all of the journals are located in the Shrine of Tribute in Sea of Thieves. 

Shrine of Tribute secret journals 

Shrine of Tribute journal locations
Shrine of Tribute is one of six areas with Secret Journals. (Picture: Rare)

The Secret Journals will be laid out in the order they appear. 

  1. Shrine of Tribute 

Once you enter the Shine or Tribute, you can swim further down and find a room to enter. From here, find the Siren Statue Puzzle mural, do a quick turnaround and discover the first journal lying next to red coral. Read the journal and then progress on with the area. 

  1. My Friends!

Still in the room with the mural, head further down and find a tunnel that’s going in the opposite direction of the mural. There will be a few rooms along the way but you want the one that has a plethora of blue coral and a vent. Swim down to the vent’s base to find the second journal. 

  1. The Warrior and the Sea Queen 

Continue to swim away from the mural and down the tunnel. At one point, you will find a Siren Statue, which you need to swim around and find another tunnel that goes east. From the tunnel, you’ll stumble upon a room with red coral. In this room, there is a stone partition on the rightside wall. Inside of this partition is the third journal. 

  1. The Sea Queen’s Army 

You’ll need to have solved the Siren Statue puzzle in order to have access to this journal. Once the puzzle is beaten, the water level will rise and give you access to a new path on the eastern side of the room. Once at the path, jump on top of the throne statue to reach the other side of the room. The fourth journal will be laying on top of some coral on the other side of the statue. 

  1. Mermaid Gems 

Once you have solved the Floor Plate puzzle, you will see the large statue move in the middle of the room. This will lead you down a secret path where you can find the last journal sitting on a stone altar. You will need to swim down the entire path to find the altar. Read this journal and you will unlock the Shrine of Tribute commendation. 


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Featured image courtesy of Rare.