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Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop (July 2021): How to get free Gilded Phoenix Figurehead, Hurdy-Gurdy Show-Off Emote, and more

Rare is offering Sea of Thieves players a bunch of free in-game rewards through Twitch Drops, including Gilded Phoenix Figurehead, Hurdy-Gurdy Show-Off Emote, Gilded Phoenix Hull and Gilded Phoenix Wheel. Here’s how you can get these.
Sea of Thieves has become one of the top-selling games on Steam and has over 20 million players sailing and exploring the game’s open world. Players can choose their avatar to go on an adventure with their friends while meeting other groups in a shared world. Each player in a group can choose various roles such as steering the ship, navigating, boarding enemy ships and more.

Along with this, Sea of Thieves offers fantastic graphics and shiny in-game items, including wheels, figureheads and much more that players can unlock via completing various tasks. Most recently, Microsoft Studio is giving away various in-game rewards for free via Twitch Drops and the steps to claim these are quite simple and easy.

Sea of Thieves - How to get Twitch Drop rewards

Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop July 2021 Get Free Rewards
Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop July 2021 (Picture: Microsoft Studio)

Starting from today, players will be able to claim a new reward each day for Sea of Thieves till 5th July, 10 AM BST. These rewards include:

  • Fri 2nd July (Friday) - Gilded Phoenix Figurehead
  • Sat 3rd July (Saturday) - Hurdy-Gurdy Show-Off Emote
  • Sun 4th July (Sunday) - Gilded Phoenix Hull
  • Mon 5th July (Monday) - Gilded Phoenix Wheel

Here’s how you can claim Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop rewards:

  1. Go to the official Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop website and log in with your account.
  2. Enter the required details and click on the Twitch account link account.
  3. Login with your Twitch account and confirm the authorization.
  4. Now watch the stream of one of the partnered Sea of Thieves streamers for 20 minutes each day to claim the rewards.

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