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Where To Find And Use The Zipline In Sea Of Thieves Season 12

First featured during The Legend of Monkey Island DLC, ziplines are making a comeback in Sea of Thieves Season 12, so here's how to find and use them.
Where To Find And Use The Zipline In Sea Of Thieves Season 12
(Picture: Twitter / Sea of Thieves)

We're not monkeying around, as ziplines are returning to the action-adventure sandbox game Sea of Thieves for its upcoming Season 12 content update. This season, players will finally get to zip around islands, between Points of Interest (POIs), or get to their ships faster while avoiding sticky situations.

As it aims at making traversal much faster, it also opens the doors for some unique strategies to be employed should they ever find themselves on a zipline. As detailed in this zippy guide, we've explained where players can locate a zipline and some unique ways it can be used in Sea of Thieves.

How To Find The Ziplines In Sea Of Thieves?

Various Outposts and Skeleton Forts throughout the world will be stationed with a few ziplines for players to travel to their ships easily. (Picture: YouTube / Sea of Thieves)

Ziplines will be added to Sea of Thieves in the upcoming Season 12 content update in April 2024. Ziplines were first featured in The Legend of Monkey Island expansion as part of the three-episodic Tall Tale series, which concluded in September 2023, thus waving goodbye to ziplines as such.

According to the 2024 Preview Event livestream, the developer will make ziplines a permanent feature in Sea of Thieves following its popularity amongst its player base. As such, players will be able to take advantage of these ziplines by using them in various ways, primarily for traversal.

These unique locale features can be spotted on multiple islands across the Sea of Thieves, mainly at Outposts and Skeleton Forts. The Ancient Spire Outpost, located in The Ancient Isles, was one mentioned by the development team during the 2024 Preview Event as Skeleton Forts spawn at any Fortress Island, excluding the Fort of the Damned.

How To Use The Ziplines In Sea Of Thieves?

Got a chest you want to bring back to the ship? Hop onto a zipline and make your way directly to the ship or near the jetty before offloading them. (Picture: YouTube / Sea of Thieves)

It remains unclear how players can interact with the zipline, but we guess that players will need to use the jump/action buttons to move across the zipline. As ziplines are aimed at making traversal more accessible to players, these can be used to travel between various POIs and their ships at the ports, especially when bringing chests back to their ships.

Additionally, they can be used to flee or avoid combative situations near Outposts or other POIs, such as encountering skeleton crews or any other type of enemy, or to evade other players. If players wish to board enemy ships, the ziplines can be used for strategic efforts to take down enemies or to drop gunpowder barrels directly onto their ships.

A new mechanic added in the Season 12 update allows players to balance themselves on harpoon lines made from the Harpoon on their Ship, some rowboats, or the Grapple Gun, which will be added later this year, will allow them to walk or slide on these lines.