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Sky Children of the Light Anniversary 2024: Start Date Window, Leaks & More

Sky: Children of the Light's anniversary event is coming up. Here's everything you need to know ahead of time.
Sky Children of the Light Anniversary 2024: Start Date Window, Leaks & More
(Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Sky: Children of the Light has been available on mobile for almost 5 years now, and has just recently celebrated being ported over to Steam/PC. With Sky's 5th anniversary event approaching, now both PC and mobile players will be able to partake in the festivities and grab all manner of unique cosmetics and props that'll be available during this event.

For those wanting to know more, we've pulled together everything we know so far about the upcoming 5th Anniversary for Sky: Children of the Light.

When will Sky Children of the Light's 2024 Anniversary event start?

Sky: Children of the Light's 5th anniversary event will likely take place at some stage in July, 2024. All past events have taken place in July, as it's the game's anniversary month.

There will also be a ticketed in-person celebration, called SkyFest, mimicking the in-game events. Skyfest will take place in Japan, and China, where fans can celebrate the game's 5th anniversary. This event will last from 13 July until 14 July 2024, which suggests that the in-game anniversary event may fall at some stage close to these dates.

Whilst the exact start dates of the online event haven't been confirmed by ThatGameCompany just yet, we're pretty confident based on previous start and end dates for the Anniversary event, which can be seen below:

Event Name Start Date End Date Event Length
Sky Anniversary 2020 July 13, 2020 July 19, 2020 7 Days
Sky Anniversary 2021 July 12, 2021 July 25, 2021 14 Days
Sky Anniversary 2022 July 18, 2022 August 3, 2022 17 Days
Sky Anniversary 2023 July 17, 2023 July 30, 2023 14 Days
sky anniversary
Sky's Anniversary event takes place once a year. (Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Leaked Anniversary Cosmetics

To celebrate Sky's 5th anniversary, numerous new cosmetics, props, and more will be available in-game. Each year, there's an Anniversary Hat that will not return in the following years. Aside from the Anniversary accessory, all of the other cosmetics and props will return from past years.

Although the event is still quite far away, we already have several leaks from community members who have been digging into the beta version of Sky, where the devs will traditionally test new features and future content.

For instance, Sky Children of the Light YouTuber, nastymold, has pulled together a couple of videos that showcase some of the 5th anniversary items and cosmetics already revealed in the games beta.

For instance, one of the cosmetics this year revealed in nastymold's videos is a Star Jar Lantern, which features little blue sparkles inside. There's also a new Anniversary Cape, which is a light blue, wispy cape with a sparkly scarf and patterned sides, and a 5th anniversary plushy, which is a small black-and-white dog. You can pet the plush and bring it around with your Sky Kid.