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How to Add Friends in Sky: Children of the Light

Here's how to find and add your friends in Sky: Children of the Light.
How to Add Friends in Sky: Children of the Light
(Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Hanging out with friends is a key part of the experience in Sky: Children of the Light. Exploring the realms in Sky is much more fun with friends, and you'll also be able to get challenges done that you wouldn't be able to complete on your own. With that in mind, here's everything you'll need to know to add your friends in Sky, and how to find them once they've been added to your friends list.

How To Play With Friends In Sky: Children Of The Light

  1. Go to the Settings menu by selecting the settings gear in the upper right.
  2. Click 'Friends.'
  3. Click 'One-time Friend Invite.'
  4. Nickname the Invite Code.
  5. Share the new code with your friend.
  6. Have your friend enter the 12-character code in Sky Codes. To get to Sky Codes, your friend will just need to open up Settings.

Once the recipient accepts the request, you'll now be friends in Sky.

It's important to note that you'll need to get a new friend code invite for each friend you want to add, rather than having one set friend code attached to your account.

If you want to add a friend you've met in-game, you will have to offer them a Candle.

star constellation map
There's a star on your Constellation Map for each of your friends. (Picture: Thatgamecompany)

How To Find Your Friends In Sky Children of the Light

Once you've added your friends in Sky, you'll probably want to find them so you can hang out and complete quests.

Thankfully, Sky makes it easy to teleport to your friends if you've already added them. To do this, head Home, and then to the Constellation Table. From here, check out your Friend Constellations and pick the friend that you want to go to. From the menu, select "Teleport." You'll immediately end up in the same area and realm as your friend, allowing you to play with them.